Is it true

  • He was asked before the game what needs to change for the Tigers to be competative and his reply was the middle needs to be stronger.

  • We need some big Forwards & a quality Half, against the Broncs we were kicking from our own 30 & 40 meter line, which put the Broncs in a great attacking position. Pretty simple what we need.

  • The problem is our big (or bigger) forwards don’t take hit ups coming off our own line. You get a winger or centre to take the first couple, then Fulton was usually in there too, by which time the rest of our forwards were back onside and standing in the background. We need our props, whoever is playing that position at the time, to take those hit ups after the backs take the first one.

    If we leave it to our small and slow guys we’ll never get out of our end.

    If we could tackle better and stop offloads opposition will be kicking from their own end more other, rather than putting attacking kicks in as they made their way to our 30 in a set, and if we could also put in a half decent kick, even a quarter of the time, it would help us immensely

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