Is the salary cap still working ??

  • Just looking at the table , from 8th - 9th there is already a four point gap and from the top of the table through to 8th there is a 4 win gap

    And the field there is a 8 win margin with barely half the season gone .

    So you have to ask the question , is the cap working ??

    We have had the same two clubs win premierships since 2006 (bar Stains) and apart from Souths the last 18 mths very few other teams challenge

    Are some clubs better at managing caps , yeah sure ,but you would think that clubs would rise and fall more often

    Do we need to make changes to the cap and not overcomplicate it or should we let nature takes its course with clubs that aren’t smart enough ??

  • Banned

    I think it is hard to place the last 8 years seeing as Melbourne were cheating the salary cap for so long. It is hard to determine whether it has worked or not.

  • It works for those who know how to get around it.

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