Benji Contract Upgrade

A few minutes ago on Channel 9, it was mentioned that Benji Marshal will be offered a contract extension and upgrade tomorrow sometime.

Who the hell would offer Benji more time or money based on what he’s currently showing.

The club’s just going to the dogs.

Its starting to become pointless being a loyal supporter for a club of idiots.

wow…that will do me.

Yea was reported on 7 also. 7 sports guy said if he didn’t like the offer he would consider union. So guess its same info from 9 also. I’m struggling to understand it all myself very frustrating.

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how do we tell the CEO and coach, as supporters that this is not on, he is been rewarded for playing like a female. this could only happen at the tigers.

Join the club. May be the CEO and coach are also not up to the task of doing their job. Success breeds success. This is just the opposite.

I would wait to see what the offer is. It could be an opportunity to low-ball him and see if they can get him to ask for an out, who knows, but for some reason or another a stalled talk is going ahead middle of a form slump…

I dont see him being offered what he is asking.

Have you ever thought this is coming from the board, on a side note I get the feeling Benji is carring an injury no excuses but his non commitment is quite strange considering he was putting the shoulder in earlier in the season .i tend to agree that a substantial lower offer will be fielded if that’s not good enough Sake and rice could be the future .

Guys chill, for all you know he’s been offered one year on 200k + KPI or maybe he’s been offered nothing and it’s all BS.

I’ll get angry when I get concrete evidence.

if he threatens to go somewhere else, then call his bluff.
no doubt the old line of " other clubs and other codes want me" will be used in an attempt to push up his price.

i dont think he willbe going japanese rugby. when beau moved 50 km down, he cried on national TV. what would they do when he is thousands of km away??


i dont think he willbe going japanese rugby. when beau moved 50 km down, he cried on national TV. what would they do when he is thousands of km away??

lol +1 for this comment

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Lol he might have to go to Union cause I don’t think any other Leaugue clubs want him.Perfect opportunity for us to pay him what his worth. You can’t reward poor effort and poor form SURLEY!!!

To be fair the best time to resign a player is when he is down on form if you believe he will regain form. I’m not sure it’s the right thing but if you are the club and you think it’s temporary then now is the best time to extend as you get the best price

Also Grant mayer on twitter just said in reply to the Benji rumour don’t believe anything but the official club site this game thrives on rumour

Geez I hope they don’t extend his contract. His form simply doesn’t warrant it at this stage and I’d be letting him play out the remaining two years and then send him on his way.

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