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  • There is no ignoring the fact that our beloved club is a bit off the pace this year. All our issues have been documented and discussed by much more intelligent people than I. What I am curious about, is what you would do if you had the chance to determine the make up of our team next year. Who would you get rid of? Who would you retain? Would you put certain people on notice? Would you promote from within or attempt to sign established performers from other clubs? Where do you think our strengths and weaknesses lie? I’m also interested to know the reasons behind your decisions. I think this could be a fun exercise to see how people would attempt to mould the team if they had the chance. I personally have been a little out of the loop this year due to work commitments. This coupled with the fact that I live in W.A and don’t have the club knowledge of other members means that I will keep my own thoughts to a minimum.
    Strengths; Youth, our front row, and Mick Potter. The fact that we have so many young players coming through that are about to or have already stepped up to first grade is very encouraging and speaks to a bright future if we can improve our retention strategies. I think even the most jaded supporter must recognise that our front row stocks are pretty good. We have Robbi at hooker, and I think that he has been the best performed hooker in the competition this season, including Cam Smith. Coupled with the rise of Woods, some new signings and the blooding of some youngsters who will only improve I think we are well placed here. The return of Galloway, who I still rate very highly, will be a big boost. Potter hasn’t had alot go his way so far this season, but I like the bloke. I am a confirmed Potter fan. He doesn’t go ape shit at press conferences, he doesn’t seem to make knee-jerk decisions, and he carries himself with dignity. In my opinion he is slowly but surely turning the tigers into something special.
    Weaknesses; Lack of real speed in established line-up, underperforming squad, keeping players too long, paying players too much. A few years ago we had a pretty fast backline. Benji, Lawrence, Moltzen, Tuquiri, even Lui and Ayshford had the ability to turn it on. Now, Lawrence is a shadow fo his former self, pace-wise, Lui is gone, Benji still isn’t running, Ayshford cant into space, and Tuquiri and Moltzen will both be lucky to play for the team again anyway. The plus here is that our guys are really quick. The problem is that they will be dropped for the senior guys. As far as performance, there are very few of our established players who are playing to their ability week in, week out. The retention policy at this club has been pretty bad for a while I think. We have kept, in my opinion, Utai, Moltzen, Tuquiri, Reddy (even though he has been alright this year), and Ayshford for too long. Blair is getting (reportedly) way too much for the impression he makes. And the news of Marshall maybe getting close to a million a season is ludicrous. On current form he may be worth half that.
    I would be getting rid of; Ayshford, Tuquiri, Moltzen, Blair, Utai, Anasta, Pettybourne, Bell, Reddy, Iosefa…. and Marshall. I love Marshall, but if he eats up too much of the cap and is an imposing presence on any prospective halves partner. Move these players on and we can start to build a team from the ground up.
    I know this is a long-arse post. I apologise for that. If there is already a similar thread, then I apologise for that also. I welcome your criticisms.

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  • FYI I probably would have read it had you used paragraph spacing.

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    I skimmed it and there is one thing I don’t get. How is Potter an asset if he is going to drop the speedy players and replace them with plodders when the plodders are available.

  • Tedesco Richards nofo Simona koro
    Sirro brooks woods farah kapow sue
    Fults anasta. Bench: Galloway Blair ava Benji.
    My team for the next 2 years if I had my coaches hat on which I gave up after coaching one season of rep women’s rugby went from 10 smokes a day to a pack and a half!!

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    My team for 2014 would be:



    Firstly, I would buy an established halfback and Hodkinson would be my choice. I believe he is still yet to be offered a contract for next year with the Bulldogs - WT need to get in there and table an offer fast, imo. Only if we got Hodkinson, would I hang onto Benji, just to see how he would go playing alongside a proper halfback for the first time in I don’t know how long, and on the condition that he never, ever kicks in general play again during a match.

    Secondly - sorry, but no room for Moltzen, Lawrence, Ayshford, Utai, Tuqiri, Pettybourne and Anasta anymore. I would hang onto Reddy and Thompson in the top 25 to cover injuries and be preparing Brooks, Moses, Ava, Akauoula, Brien, Lovett and Taqele for future NRL games.

    I would give Blair one more chance, but from the bench, not starting.

    By the way, for those who thought the OP was too long to read, it was actually a good one - well written and easy to read (despite no paragraphs) 😉

  • Good point Steve. Missed that one. Still stand by the comment though.

  • Thanks Flip. I don’t post much, prefer to let others do the talking and just enjoy the conversation. Thanks for the encouragement.

  • very hard to give a true version of what u would do as we dont know how people get on with each other at the club, re: support staff. if i was coach i would want my own people in place next year, so a complete clean out.
    my first 2 signings would be a 1/2 back and a strong running backrower, and i think we have enough to fill the rest. brooks needs more time, but i would blood him next year. we all know who needs to go, all would be put on notice like at the EELS, find a new club.
    For the rest of this year i would be trying to install in the young blokes the importance of been a team, and where they sit in my plans for next year, so this is what i would hope i ha dto pick from, teddy, koro, richards, ashyford, nofo, benji, ?(hodgo) from dogs, woods, robbie, galloway, blair, frank the tank( from roosters), fulton RES; sue, taupa, sirro, buchanan. next best six, lawerance, bmm, ava, mr t, brooks, gravet.
    well thats my rant.

  • My team would be

    1. James Tedesco
    2. Marika Koroibete
    3. David Nofoaluama
    4. TIm Simona
    5. Taqele Naiyavaro
    6. Brett Finch
    7. Luke Brooks
    8. Aaron Woods
    9. Robbie Farah
    10. Keith Galloway
    11. Sauso Sue
    12. Curtis Sironen
    13. Liam Fulton

    14. Jack Buchanan
    15. Martin Tapau
    16. Adam Blair
    17. Ava Seamunafangi

    The only signing I would have is Brett Finch, he can add some experience to the halves if Benji leaves which seems likely. I would keep Blair there on the bench coming on as an impact type player. There will be a couple of injuries in the front row which will mean Santi, Lovett and Gavet likely to replace them. Pat Richards needs to work his way back into the side not just walk in, one of our players in the back line will be out of form for sure so he will come in for them if he has earn’t his spot. Moses will come in for Finch later on.

  • We don’t need to buy a halfback , we just need a little patience . Luke. Brooks is a gun and he will be the halfback we need . Sirro to the backrow when brooks finally makes the top grade .watched him last night and he is all class , has all the goods required and he won’t take a backward step .Potter is doing a fantastic job and the young up and comers will bring out the best in him .

  • Santi and Lovett would have to considered
    Brooks is a must for 1/2 back
    Mañana Rudloph has found his spot at centre and a 80% goal kicker

  • Dont think Rudolph will be with us next year, would love to see him stay though.

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    @1/4 chicken:

    We don’t need to buy a halfback , we just need a little patience . Luke. Brooks is a gun and he will be the halfback we need . Sirro to the backrow when brooks finally makes the top grade .watched him last night and he is all class , has all the goods required and he won’t take a backward step .Potter is doing a fantastic job and the young up and comers will bring out the best in him .

    Politely disagree, 1/4. I think we need to buy an experienced half for next year to give Brooks time to develop. He hasn’t even played a first grade game yet, so I don’t think we could just throw him in first up next season. Not to mention the difficulty many young halves seem to have playing alongside Benji. It might be different if he gets some game time this year, but that is looking highly unlikely at this stage.

    I know Brooks is killing it in NYC, but there is never any guarantee that he will be successful in the NRL. Moltzen was also regarded as a gun by many when playing in the lower grades, as were Mullaney, Miller and Tedesco, yet none have set the world on fire during their time in the top grade. I just don’t think we can waste another season with makeshift halfbacks whilst waiting for Brooks to develop.

    I hope I’m wrong and he takes to first grade from the get go like a duck to water, but our less than illustrious history with potential ‘superstar’ juniors has made me a tad skeptical.

  • I’d be happy to go another season without buying a specialist, experienced halfback. We have a young team as is, and I’d give them another full off- and regular season to get used to playing together. Sirro and Benji in the halves, hopefully they’ll start building a combination that can carry through to Curtis’ transition to back row.

    Probably a bit optimistic but that way Brooks could slot in to a team that have played together for a few years and know each other well, he’d just have to throw the passes. I’d be more focused on retention then chasing players; build culture instead of buying it.

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