Well done WT youngsters

The young kids have been thrown in the deep end and it certainly seems most know how to swim. They are proving quick learners it bodes well for their development over the next couple of years.
The injury crisis has a silver lining in 2 ways for mine.

  1. They have happened to players who have been underperforming for years and what we are seeing is that the young blokes behind them are not that far away. It will make it easier to terminate these contracts.
  2. The young fellas are not hitting first grade and having sunshine blown up their bums from the likes of Gould and co. because they have joined a winning side and stand out. They have hit a side on the way down and are learning many valuable lessons about how hard it is to be a competitive first grade player in the NRL. They are doing it the hard way and not recieving piggybacks by running off a well established backline or running with a pack of pigs who are all rep quality. They are making their own names by true grit, are learning what it feels like to lose and what it takes to win.

Give these young men the rest of the year and a full on off season and they will rip and tear from the opening kickoff in 2014. Their development will be so far ahead of schedule that we may have to offload a dozen players to keep them all.

I said in another thread how difficult it would have been for these debutants this year to not have tasted a win in first grade until their 7th or 8th game.

They easily could have thrown in the towel, lost interest, been demoralised, but it’s amazing to see guys like Sue, Nofoaluma and co really start to shine.

2013 may be painful but they’ll be better for it come 2014.

Yeah Nofo may just have edged ahead of Koro but only cos Koro hasn’t been able to stay on the field

I want our back 3 to be those 2 + Teddy for a few years to come…

Unless big T claims a wing or Lawrence or Aysh start performing and push Simona onto a wing

Starting to have too many good players putting their hands up for backline positions. Teddy, Koro, Nofo, I think Simona is looking too good to be in Nsw cup.
How do you fit Lawrence, Ayshford and Richards into that?
Play them in the backrow?
We are covered well there with youngsters too.
Taqele is going from strength to strength too.

One thing is for sure, the future is very bright.

i couldn’t watch the game but from all these posts our young guns really shined tonight. just wondering however what position did lawrence play tonight ??

actually the way simona beats defenders reminds me a lot of barba and hayne, upper body strength to push them off and sharp leg drive and footwork to avoid big guys. also, you think they are tackled, but they come out of it with defenders on the ground, idk how they do that

Sue plays like a regular first grader already. Buchanan and Ava are developing nicely.

The outside backs are dangerous and back themselves to finish.

Sironen will be around for a long time. He has a footy head on those massive shoulders.

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young guys were good night the rookie errors are lessening as they gain experience.
Simona got eager on their first try and messed it up, a few penalties here and there that were simply lack of experience from Buchanan and Sue, but they are getting fewer and further apart.
Good things coming from these young blokes and the best kids haven’t got there yet, I feel we are coming into a great era


i think koro needs time. he’ll start in state cup next year if his contract is extended imo

I feel the same way. It seems this year that most runs, Koro wasn’t last years version, maybe because of injury. Errors don’t worry me as he’ll get it right with experience, but the thought of him starting in reggie’s is saying something about our depth.

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Yeah, definitely agree with Koro there. Still needs time to learn the game. He’s got massive potential and awesome to see speed with strength and build like his. Hopefully a few weeks of watching the game might develop him a bit. The current weakness in his game at the moment is understanding.

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