Wet weather specialists

That is two matches in horrible conditions that Wests have won.

Bring on a heavy 10 every week.

heh I remember we used to struggle in the wet, now I agree, bring on the rain!

Yeh I originally tipped canberra and had a multi dogs/raiders fri nite

Once the rain came I really thought we were a shot, at home, got on at $3.00 - recouped my Fri losses and then some

We definitely handled the conditions better, tailor made too for Avas first sting at starting prop

Even against manly first half we were good in the rain. 4-0 I think. Wasn’t the rains fault we lost in the end.

It’s probably potter, coming from England haha

Bring on the rain. It’s the young guys who play we’ll in it.

I’m pretty sure we had a couple of good wins in the wet last season as well - one against an Origin depleted Melbourne if I recall correctly, so our wet weather prowess has been coming for a while now. Personally, I hate it when it rains too much, but if it means we win games and make the top 8 this year then it can rain like blazes every weekend if it likes 😆

We probably win because the rain makes our opposition’s error rate comparable to ours. That what killed Canberra.

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