• given the form and consistency of simona and nofo, i’d actually be inclined to let koro play some state cup to work on a few things.

  • Agreed. He is a little iffy under the high ball.

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  • Got to agree. Koro’s still young so a stint NSW Cup isn’t a bad thing for him. Nofa for me has got one wing whilst Simona has done nothing to lose his. It’s a great trouble for Potter to have.

  • Sorry guys disagree he will come real good real soon IMO

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    Koto has got to learn the game more… He is often lost in defense. A stint in NsW cup will help him long term… Compare him to Nofo. Who clearly reads the game much better

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  • Im happy for him to develop in NRL. He will makes mistakes but so long as we are patient he will be better for the experience.

    My view is that wingers get is relatively easy i. state cup. How opposiion kickers arent able to take advantage of Mr T’s obvious weaknesses bemuses me. That would happen in NRL.

    For this reason im not sure the weaknesses in Koro’s game will be ironed in State Cup.

    In any event he is such a strike weapon i am prepared to take the good with the bad.

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  • The question for me is who is the better fit on the wing for the team. Koro obviously has the brute strength and speed. Simona has better feet and decent speed. Nofoaluma obviously has the tackle breaking ability and is a quality finisher for one so inexperienced. To me I don’t think you lose too much by going with Simona over Koro or visa versa. Simona’s form though probably warrants him keeping his spot.

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    I’d have him on the wing easily. I think he is our fastest player and he will finish tries with half a chance regularly. I think Nofaluma is going great as well and gets the other wing spot.

    Simona to the centres for me. The thing is who gets left out.

  • Simona may be playing well but hardly strikes fear into other teams. Koro, on the other hand does. Unfortunate for simona.

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  • I would have all 3 in the team.

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  • @Pokies:

    I would have all 3 in the team.

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    So would i mate. Koro and Nofo on the flanks and Tim in centre.

    We would finally have a dangerous 3/4 line.

    Throw in CW, Blake or Reddy as the other centre.

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