Why is BMM struggling?

  • Why is BMM struggling this year?

    I honestly think it might be from the death of his close mate Mosese Fotuaika, a bit like Warriors front rower Ben Matulino after loosing his close mate Sony Fai.
    Ben had a poor year that and later on said that he didn’t evan feel like playing footy and was going through the motions.
    Look at him now rate him as one of the best front rowers in the game.

    Ben was building up to be the next big thing at the WT but has failed to deliver.

    He to might be going through the motions? Just my thoughts!

  • He’s been struggling for a while I think, ever since he came in for the semi’s a few years back and did alright. Just doesn’t seem to be too sure of himself, doesn’t get much ball or go looking for it either, and when he does he doesn’t seem to run as hard as his frame suggests.

    The Mosese issue may be playing its part, but I’d be interested to see how he’d go with a Blair-like switch to the front row. It’s probably been tried before, but who knows.

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  • I thought he was carrying an injury as well?, but i might be wrong.

  • I thought he went good last night. I think at the moment he is still struggling mentally, you cannot blame him, and is in one of those positions where he isnt up to fighting his form struggles while in a team doing it so rough as well. Thats not a put down or slight on him at all though. Its a tough year for the poor bloke, and probably needs to be swept up on a wave of team confidence to get his own back.

  • Banned

    The guys built like a brick house with eyes. He just needs to be properly managed. I can imagine how good he would be under Bennett… I hope we stick with him.

  • I think his performance last night was one of his best for the club.

    No massive moments but considering the conditions I am not suprised.

    He worked and showed effort on top of effort in defence.

    I think last night showed how far he has come. He is more then just that big kid running over halfbacks

  • he is getting better and i like how potter hasnt given up on him. i think he has played all games for us this year even though he hasnt been at his best.

  • Definitely a star. I don’t want to lose another Ben teo

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  • I think he is coming along well all things considering. The loss of Mosese will play on his mind for a while.

    He seems to have a better attitude in defense and repeated efforts which I think is a good indication of development.

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  • Needs to just work on ball control. His runs are mostly good shame he loses it 50% of the time.

  • His showing some real good signs of late. Keep with him if his attitude is right everything else will fall into place.

  • BMM frustrates me cause I can see he clearly loads of ability, but seems not to be improving and still makes errors and gives awsay penalties yo expect in the first year or so, but BMM has been around a while now and hasn’t really got past that rookie stage.
    If it clicks he could go on to be a star, but how long do we wait before giving another bloke a crack (there is plenty coming through)

  • For me is playing overweight and is playing with no confidence , don’t know if it is a attitude thing with him

  • I reckon he hasn’t figured out how good he is, similar to fifita who was simply told to run straight at cronulla and now is a star in more than just his own mind.

    BMM - Run Straight

  • BMM - run straight and hard no sideways crap.
    Also death of his close mate Moses prob playing on his mind also.

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