From busted to Blues for Aaron Woods

  • From busted to Blues for Aaron Woods

    AARON Woods became an Origin player the moment he was told to quit footy.

    “They suggested I start looking for another job,” the NSW rookie grins. "It was 2010 and I’d torn my hamstring so badly the doctors feared I’d never run at an elite level again.

    “And that’s when one of them suggested I look for a new line of work. I know they’re always going to give you the worst possible scenario but to be told that, I really had the shits for a while. Actually, that was the moment everything changed for me.”

    Unknown and without an NRL game 18 months ago, bustling Wests Tiger prop Woods credits his incredible rise to that torn hamstring suffered during the 2010 pre-season. When training with the NRL squad only a fortnight out from the season opener, he felt a twinge running “L” drills.

    “I remember looking to our trainer Steve Folkes and saying, 'Hey, Folkesy, the hammy’s a bit tight,” Woods recalls. "But it didn’t feel like a big tear. There was no real rip.

    “So I rested for a while, iced it up. Then three weeks later I came back out, took off and … gone. Couldn’t even bend my leg to sit down.”

    Woods’ surgeon said that of the 20,000 hamstring tears he’d treated, only one was worse.

    “And that’s when everything changed for me,” the Blues rookie says. "That’s when I realised I wasn’t invincible anymore.

    “Up to that point I’d never been real strict on my diet. I wasn’t strict on my rehab. I was a young kid, treating my body like … not like it was part of my job.”

    For the first six weeks of his recovery, he couldn’t do anything.

    “It was frustrating. Really frustrating,” Woods says. "I had to stay away from the footy. Couldn’t even go and watch the boys play, I was that upset.

    "Thankfully my family and partner, they were really supportive. At first there was nothing to do. Nothing. I just stayed home, watched TV and ate meals.

    "But after I got through that period, I began to realise how lucky I was. How important things like diet, rehab and stuff like that were going to be. So I came back and ripped into training, ripped into rehab and it’s been good as gold since.

    “Looking back, it’s the best thing that ever happened to me. I really believe it’s why I’m here”

    So happy for him , can’t wait for this match tomorrow to watch Farah & Woodsy help.seal the series for the Blues

  • Yes hope he has a long and fulfilling career

  • I cant wait to see him play a long time for nsw its his jersey now im sure Robbie Farah and Aaron Woods will lead nsw to a win 2moro and make history.

  • Not too bad a debut for Woods last night. Didn’t get many minutes, but was solid in defense and putting his hand up in attack. But then, what would you expect?

  • I don’t understand why they dragged him ,when there was a break in play just before they dragged him ,many looked in worse physical shape than Woods

    I just hope he doesn’t cop the rap for the loss and get dropped

  • @happy tiger:

    I don’t understand why they dragged him ,when there was a break in play just before they dragged him ,many looked in worse physical shape than Woods

    I just hope he doesn’t cop the rap for the loss and get dropped

    That’s what worries me Happy. The poor bloke did nothing but tackle for the first 20 minutes before being replaced, and not surprisingly the possession ledger slowly started to even up after that when Fifita and Merrin came on, and then the game was gone in the last 10 when he finally got his second stint. I really think Daley botched his front row rotation last night as Gallen was not particularly effective.

  • Gallens knees looked shot last night Willow He was off for at least 15 minutes in the second half

    I thought Fifita and Merrin were 2 of NSWs best last night tbh

    I think both sides will go with more traditional line ups Game 3

    Expect to see Hannant back and Watmong might be gone as well for another prop with Gallens in the back row again

  • Woods was only on for 28 minutes, according to the stats on Less than any other NSW forward, including the interchange bench. Pretty ridiculous considering he started the game.

  • Go Woodsy we love you

  • @happy tiger:

    I don’t understand why they dragged him ,when there was a break in play just before they dragged him ,many looked in worse physical shape than Woods

    I just hope he doesn’t cop the rap for the loss and get dropped

    I think he might make way for Tamou. Merrin plays a similar style to Woods and will get picked first. Had Woods made a couple of strong carries he’d have been noticed more and maybe stayed in the mix. He did make a good cover tackle to shut down Qld attack as they were breaking the line which was good.

    Woods will be back to SOO but maybe not this year.

  • Prop player ratings SOO #2 from the NRL site;
    Gallen 7/10
    Woods 4/10
    Fifita 7/10
    Merrin 5/10

  • Woods will be the scapegoat for Daly’s terrible interchange management…

  • I’d give woods a 5 due to limited minutes. But he was not damaging, no one on the blues was except Fifita. WHY OH WHY, TIM!

    let’s not repeat with BMM, he clearly has talent like Fifita I dont want to have him running 200m while playing for the Sharks or the Eels.

  • I think his limited minutes had more to do with the fact Fifita and Merrin were both making good yardage when they came on. It made sense for Daley to give the two of them longer game time.

  • I wonder how much egg Daley will end up with on his face… after criticising the Maroons for not “sticking solid” to the players who under-performed in game 1. He claimed he wouldn’t have made changes after the loss… this’ll be a test of his resolve.

    Having said that though, a couple of changes need to be made. Merritt doesn’t deserve a second chance, he just doesn’t have it in him to play at the level required. Watmough’s days have gotta be numbered… I get nervous every time he touches the ball… it seems like he wont be satisfied unless he turns the ball over to the opposition with a drop ball or poorly timed offload.

    If Daley wants an extreme and unprecedented tactical option - replace Josh Reynolds and Watmough with Adam Reynolds and John Sutton. If Maloney and Pearce show signs of a repeat performance from game 2, BANG! Double interchange, new halves. If the Roosters halves are playing up to standard… just use Reynolds as a utility hooker and Sutton as an impact backrower. Pretty crazy… but eh. Desperate times.

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