R.I.P. Rugby League

  • You are kidding me - if this is the way that the hierachy want the game to go then may we bid farewell to the game that we love. I have seen more aggression in my daughters netabll games go unpunished. But we have to be politically correct and bow down to all the helicopter mums who want their little darling to play a safe sport - a big FU to David Smith!!!

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    I agree. I hate this Dave Smith clown. She’s a whimp and her decision ruined an origin game tonight.

  • Hey Stryker where in Cairns are u - i have a couple of investment properties at Trinity Beach and get up there a couple of times a year - maybe we can get together for a beer next time i’m up that way and sought out where the Tigers are going wrong.

  • The game is starting to really put me off it , no more biffs , no more Shoulder charges , what is the game come too .
    This is a Contact sport if you want to be all Nancy go and follow another sport (chess) . Rugby League is fast becoming a Nancy game

  • Dave Smith stick to banking you have no idea what SOO is all about

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    Tonight’s game was a Joke…Dave Smith will rue his decisions…watch the game go into a freefall the next 2-3 years

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    Sounds good Diedpretty,
    I have a house in Freshwater and a unit in Palm cove….Gods country both.

  • @stryker:

    Sounds good Diedpretty,
    I have a house in Freshwater and a unit in Palm cove….Gods country both.

    i’ll let you know on here when i’m heading up - i always stay at palm cove - love the place

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    Some great restaurants along the esplanade in the cove mate. Caught some damned good fish off the jetty there as well.

  • its getting so bad

  • Things are getting bad if you can’t punch a Queenslander in a state of origin - and even vice versa

  • If I can quote my own facebook status.

    There’s something very wrong with our game. This has nothing to do with the result. Queensland were by far the better team. We have two men running our game. Dave Smith, a bloke who has never played rugby league nor knew who Cam Smith is nor could tell the difference between Ben Barba and Benji Marshall. The second is Daniel Anderson a bloke who has never refereed a game of rugby league in his life. These 2 are dictating the terms of our great sport and answering to no one. Under their rule we’ve seen the shoulder charge eliminated and blokes sin binned for copping a punch and for throwing one. Rugby league has always been the working class game. Tough, hard and no bullshit. I’ll stand rooted if I’ll stand by and watch these 2 blokes screw our game into the ground. If you can’t cop a right to the jaw you don’t belong on a football field. God save our sport.

    What are the commission doing?
    What is John Grants job? Why haven’t I heard his comments on the changes made to the game?
    For that matter what is Wayne Pearce doing on the commission? What is his role? What are his thoughts?

    Smith and Anderson have this game held at ransom. The very fabric of the game we know and love is being torn to shreds. We can’t take this lying down.

  • that was a joke. I love NSW and always will but Brent tate got sin binned for headbutting a fist in all honesty what else did he do except push Gallen over which should of been a penalty to us and thats where it should of ended. And then the Greg Bird sin bin. The only thing he did was run in to try and stop it. David Smith good work. You thought this would stop fights in origin. well when has there been an origin match when there has not been a punch thrown. never !! Dave smith has no idea what he is doing. he has never watched a NRL game before this year and already changing the rules that have made rugby league, rugby league for over 100 years

  • I don’t blame Dave Smith for this rule change. I blame the minority who aren’t true fans of the sport for their massive say in the way the game should be played. People who don’t care for it are running the way the game is played. Rugby league isn’t for everyone, almost nothing is. But the NRL is alienating its core fan base.
    The wrestling in the game was a natural progression which couldn’t be avoided. This new rule change is an attempt to make the game more popular with people who don’t enjoy the game and won’t for its change anyway. It’s a step backwards.

  • The refereeing was the problem with the biff, I’ve rewatched it a few times and have not seen Tate OR Bird throw a single punch. The rules were clearly set out and not followed, should have been 12 v 12, not 11 v 11.

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