Joel Reddy

So Joel’s off contract at the end of this season but with the emergence of Nofoaluma, Koroibete and SImona, plus the fact Ayshford and Lawrence remain under contract, as well as the arrival of Pat Richards - i’m sure we’ve all thought it but does anyone see Reddy remaining at the club in 2014??? I certainly think he warrants a new deal but I just don’t see it happening. I feel for the guy if it doesn’t happen but at the end of the day, he becomes a victim of our youth.

Perhaps I read too much into it but Reddy’s move into the back row this week, for me anyways, suggests Potter’s preferred backline is what he’s gone with and that Reddy is basically mr fixit and the guy who will miss out…

Now does anyone know if he’s begun talks at all with the club??

At the start of the season I would have said he’s no chance of being here beyond 2013. Reddy has been pretty solid this year though and is a handy player for depth. What counts against him is that he’s fairly pedestrian in attack and not an outright speedster, you never feel like he’ll break the line out wide in attack. Defensively he’s decent and he’s alright under the high ball. He deserves a contract, but I’m not sure it will be a great contract.

I would rather have Reddy as back up if we need it( remembering Richards is on his way)than punt him for some other ordinary NRL player. His done ok as a back up

I think i would keep him, he has done well this year & there is no better around, he also likes playing with the Tigers which is a benefit.

He’s been a steady set of hands in an otherwise mental team this year, but realistically, he’s never going to be someone to help us win a premiership. We have a lot of young backs coming through and a lot of smallish backrowers already. I’d be using the money to buy a decent prop or fullback (I’ll get flamed for this comment but I haven’t been blown away by Tedesco at all).

Potter loves him so I think he’ll stay. To me is not bad, he is a very handy player with lots of experience.

We should re sign him for 1 year his a good player.

Reddy is not one of the better players but he is probably the most consistent. When we are fit and well he’s not in the mix but when we are going bad he is handy.

Maybe Potter is experimenting with him at the moment just to see how well he can handle a full time utility role. Good for depth.

He has surprised me this year , has been really having a go ,( maybe cause he’s out of contract) . I think he is a valuable squad player when injuries occur during the year we can rely on him.

Potter has given Joel a great opportunity to not only secure a new contract, but secure a permanant starting position by giving him a go in the forwards.

I see the move as a reward rather than a demotion.

If he plays like he did last week on a regualr basis he will be offered a 2 year deal i feel and will remain an edge backrower.

I think putting him there COULD be a masterstroke. He’s no lightweight (100+kg) and he’s clearly not very fast so perhaps the centres are not for him. And his brilliant effort in the back row last week highlighted that he can be a strong hole running 11 or 12. And, it just gives us one more guy who can defuse bombs with ease as he doesn’t have to get demoted.

i will hold till i see how he preforms against a good storm pack, if he holds his own like he did last week he may have found his spot for next year. he could put on 5-8 kg and really be a good backrower.has the size and with a bit more weight could be what we need.

He has been good for us and ideally i would like him to be kept at the club . He is one of those players you grow a liking to as they are honest and go on about doing their job as required.
Sad reality is we have too many of these guys in the club atm- position wise ( as mentioned with the likes of Richards,Utai, Lote,Asyhford, Rowdy, Nofo, Koro and Simona) Plus Big T headed that way too. with all this in mind he will struggle to get a new contract .
Having said that he has a chance to shine up front but sadly i dont think he will. He doesnt really have an Offload and poor reddy doesnt have the footwork to break the line neither does he have the strength to bend the line.
He will be a human pinball similar to Anasta, not really made for those upfront roles.

Whatever happens i wish him all the best and hope he gets a contract cause he deserves it.

The rocket has been good, but by resigning him,will that push a player like Simona out of the club???He is a very solid player,but he will not win you a title. I would be happy to have him on a average contract and using him as insurance for any injuries.The bottom line Lawrence and Aysford are going to get picked week in and week out,so will Anasta,so that will restrict his chances in FG and with all the forwards back fit and healthy in 2014 he will not get a gig in the pack.

people are still under rating him… he cant win u a title? neither can lawrence, aysh or even hodges if you dont give them good halves.

he has solid defense and contrary to what other belief he can break the line and more importantly set the wingers up if we have people like nofo and koro on the wings.

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