What a win will do for us on the ladder

I know it’s still early days and you know you’re in trouble when you start looking at “what ifs” on the ladder, but considering the games played this weekend, a win will put us in great standing.

Current table:

8 // Raiders - 16
9 // Knights - 14
10 // Panthers - 14
11 // Broncos - 14
12 // Warriors - 14
13 // Cowboys - 12
14 // Dragons - 12
15 // Tigers - 12

Now for this week’s draw

Souths vs Raiders - likely Canberra will lose
Panthers vs Dragons - these two teams are just above us. With one guaranteed to lose, we can jump them
Warriors vs Broncos - same as above

Knights are playing the Titans in Newcastle, could go either way, same with Cowboys and Sharks in Townsville.

Broncos, Dragons and Warriors are playing the top 3 sides next week, while we have the Sharks. It’s critical we start making our move now!

Course it is! if we win the next 2 we can definitely make the 8. If we wanna guarantee our position in the 8 we can only lose 2 this year though… that’ll give us 30 points. 28 would most likely push us out due to PD.

Souths and Roosters or Souths and Manly are the only ones we can afford to lose this year in that case…

We just got to keep winning. If we can build momentum and the boys start believing watch out. We will have something to play for and troops on the way back. You never know

We have to win the today and next weeks games and then get the bye its 6 points we really need here we come.

Part of our problem, too, is an atrocious for and against. We’ve just gotta win.

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