Their pulling their weight

  • Now it’s up to us. Who’s coming next week.

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  • Banned


  • I had to work

    probably wouldn’t have gone if I didn’t 😦 😃

    but it was really strange, driving round the bay just after half time, and seeing the lights on at Leichhardt and me not being there

  • Yeah I had other things on with the wife to be but I know quiet a few people who didn’t go because of the weather but also because the lions match was on straight after and most wanted to watch both

  • Cronulla on a Friday night after an unpredictable finish time Friday? Not going to happen for me

  • I’ll be going for sure. Taking the my 10 & 9 year olds, fully kitted out. Also taking my young blokes u10s footy mate, sharks supporter. Now all I need is the missus to drive, so I can have a few and I should be primed for a big one. God help them I’m taking no prisoners, I’m screaming the place down. I say it all the time, in 05, it was the only time our supporters cheered the WT on for 80 mins and we went on to take the title. Come on guys, who ever is going be loud, time to lift.

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