Bodene Thompson

Im not looking to start a negative thread after a win, but this guy gets his fair share of love on here and i dont see it. Once again he was ok tonight but i hardly noticed him besides one aggressive bump off he did when he had the ball. Is that the attraction to this guy, his odd aggressive run or hit??? Because doing that once a game isnt enough for me.

I think he goes missing and at best is a bench player. I notice Fulton, Reddy, BMM and Sue a lot more during a game than Bodene.

I need more from this guy.

He should be gone next week when Anasta is back.

To me Tigers at full strength ? wouldn’t be in my 17 .

Ordinary but got the job done tonight.

I think some of the players going missing has been more of structure thing than anything else. Of late Robbie, Benji and Siro have been gelling, but unless players specifically go looking for the ball they can easily be missed. If everyones role was broken down to specifics in attack, where you should be in the line, as the ball moves across the park rather then being flat footed… players in motion in a standard structure running both sides of the playmakers etc. For everyone, playmakers to wingers, knowing where you should be, and where the next man should/will be makes for much more dynamic attacking capabilities. For the halves especially, being able to focus in front of them, rather than finding a target to pass to equates to time… it becomes the right runner for the lines best suited to the scenario in front of them, people cannot go missing this way.

The good thing is, we have been utilising deeper backline plays, Robbie linking to Benji onto Siro… we are getting closer.

27 tackles no missed and a line break from initial stats - probably needs more work in attack but probably not as bad as most are making out

The thing that strikes me is that Potter uses him very sparingly. The past couple of weeks he’d be lucky if he got 40 minutes. From memory Potter uses him exclusively in the opening 20 and final 20 minutes.

He gets off the line fast. He’s an aggressive defender. Puts pressure on the kicker etc. Combined with Woods, Farah, Blair, Sue - who all get off the line fast as well - I guess it sets a good tone in the opening exchanges… and is encouraging in the final stanza.

Having said that, as KS says he usually only has one good carry in him per game… and in fact doesn’t touch the ball very often.

I’d be quite happy to see Rowdy take his place in the backrow… I mean, he’s essentially playing like a backrower anyway. Bring Reddy back into the centres where he was doing a good job for us.

I was at the game and bodene does alot of sweeper work and really stiffens up our edge defence. Critisim is harsh the guy tackles and runs like a demon. The stats dont do him justice

Very average player, in a full strength side I think he struggles to make the bench.

I’m a huge Bodene fan. The kid has lots of potential. But I feel he needs to go looking for the ball a bit more in attack. I thought he was pretty quiet with the ball in hand tonight. I still feel we have room for him in our top 17.

I always wondered where he would fit in alongside BMM, seeing as they’re both sort of large, but mobile, back rowers

neither of them seem to have reached potential either

I think his defence is good, much better than Pettybourne, but for a fit and mobile looking bloke, he does bugger all in attack which lets him down. I noticed a few times last night that he was effective in turning Storm players onto their back, but yeah, nothing to write home about in attack and he should have been looking for work like Lawrence.

He is a lot like Blair was in attack from before. Tends to park himself on his edge

He’s an edge player and he’s doing his job contributing well.

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Still better than Eddy PittyBourne if you ask me.

Last time against Storm he was really aggressive and last night i thought he looked a bit like that. Eager to hit someone and knock them off their feet.

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