Auckland Blues after Benj


    Thought this would interest a few of you guys, posted on an NZ news website this morning.

  • Banned

    I personally don’t care if Marshal sooks and leave the Tigers after this year……he has not played well since the early rounds of 2013…and its has nothing to do with Potter…Benji is not an organizing player and he has fallen into that role as he demands the ball so often during our sets…the free running Benji he no longer is…Brooks at half and Sirro at 6 will do me for 2014 and in 2015 Mosses at 6 with Sirro in the backrow…watch us proposer as a team with those combinations…and Benji can go play union…at the most Benji can stay a tiger till end of 2015 but I wouldn’t be signing him beyond 2015…

  • Yep,Benjis gonna walk away from $700k + sponsorships & endorsements aroung the same number to get NZ$150k max from the Blues Rugby.with sponsorship from Joes menswear & the local auto electrician topping him up to NZ$160.
    I dont think so
    Warriors are more likely,but cant really believe the $3mill over 3 yrs touted in this mornings press
    Think Tauber is doing his job talking up Benjis options,but coincidental timing of todays “Benji/Potter split” & “Potter under pressure” media stories infer Tauber is going well beyond the call of duty.Unconstructive & selfish.
    Benjio shld reign him & do the rite thing by club harmony

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