WT Players 2013 review

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    Yes we have had a terrible year with injuries(but that’s another thread)…I thought I’d share my thoughts on which players has taken their game to another level this year and which players have remained static or gone backwards.

    Tedesco - is having a steady year…He has proven he’s NRL standard and is getting better the more games he plays.
    Nofo - definitely NRL standard and has exceed all expectations.
    Ayshford - has neither improved or gone backwards…In my view will battle to hold his spot in 2014.
    Lawrence - last two games has been his best all year…I can see him continuing to improve and whilst he may not recapture his 2010-11 form he will hold his spot.
    Simona - definitely NRL standard and has exceed all expectations.
    Marshall - gone backwards…and try to play a more controlled, mistake free game. His last 2 games have been steady,
    Sirronen - definitely NRL standard and has met expectations. A future backrow star
    Woods - taken his game to another level in career best form.
    Farah - In career best form.
    Blair - steady…still not showing his true worth but has improved considerably since moving to the front row.
    Buchanen - Has exceeded expectations.
    Sue - Has exceeded expectations. Would like to see him be our permanent no.13
    Ava - has exceeded expectations. Will only improve the more he plays NRL.
    Pettyborne - has not met expectations.
    Thompson - has not met expectations.
    Anasta - Has not really met expectations…still dont think we need him
    Koro - has not really kicked on. But will improve the more he plays…
    BMM - has not kicked on this year…gone backwards IMO…
    Reddy - has taken his game to another level this year.

    I haven’t covered everyone…but IMO most of our players are playing better than I expected them to perform…despite our low position on the ladder…I think Potter has done an outstanding job given the circumstances.

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    Fair calls except on Marshall. I think he is turning the corner. I hope so at least.

  • Can’t agree with Anasta or Reddy.

    Although reddy has been solid he showed little to nothing in attack and I was pretty happy to see he was dropped because Lawrence and ayshford both are better.

    Whereas Anasta is strong and is definitely a very good leader. He runs hard and tackles hard. Also gives us another player able to pass out the back.

    My opinion :slight_smile: good thread

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  • I would have to have agree with everything there expect one thing… Anasta he has been out for a couple of injures now but every game he has played his heart out every time he has had a game with the Tigers this year.

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  • Anasta wil and can contribute when he is well enough. He has a good attitude and can also be a good mentor for the young ones. I hope out players will have the benefit of this person’s talent.

  • Pretty good summary Anasta but?sorry don’t rate him at all

  • I wish we could flick Pettybourne and give the money to Sue

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    Good summary except I also think Marshal is starting to recapture form as combinations develop, Anasta has played strongly for us when available and Ayshford is starting to recapture his 2011 form more so than Rowdy at this stage.

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