What will potter do?

Hope this subject hasn’t already been raised.
With the team starting to gel, I feel sorry for Potter as the injured start returning.
Will he dump our current performing players or make the returning players prove their worth?
What a great situation to have :supporter:

I reckon Potters doing a great job, with all the injuries we’ve had this year.

Llook Darkie ,some of these blokes should come back on the bench and earn their starting jerseys

Im a great believer that you have to earn your spot back into a winning team

Simona, Nofoaluma and Sue deserve starting spots. If Galloway came back start from the bench and let Blair fight to keep his starting spot. Reddy needs to be retained in the 17. Anasta is the problem for me, Siro is going ok at halfeightsecondcentre!

Potter has shown faith in the regular Wests Tigers first graders none have had to come back through reserves. But after last night no one deserves to lose their place, it was our best win this year.
How could you drop anyone from that team ?

He’s shown his hand with Lawrence imo.

Its the returning players spots to lose

Galloway is good enough to earn a bench spot straight up, the rest can come back via nsw cup imo.

With the second tier cap situation what are the rules in regards to how long injured players from the Top 25 are back from injury before they must be played or risk the fine?

Will be interesting to see how it goes.

Players like Galloway I don’t expect to return via NSW Cup unless they really need the conditioning. But certainly players like Sue should be rewarded by staying in the 17.