Warriors V Tigers live game thread

  • The forward pass has been abolished in Wellington apparently

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  • Banned



    refs are cheats
    concussion rule is a load of crap.
    Laurence and Blair need to be released to make room for younger players for the cap

    when State of origin is on just get someone to knock out Thurston then they will be down to 16 men without their best player

    How can you blame Blair? He knocked on once when trying to play the ball quickly. Has nothing to do with any forward as we have one bench player. Must be real tough.

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    you mean you missed his arm grabbing tackles?? you also missed his knock on on the 5th tackle with his shocking attempt to play the ball when up 12-0…. then from the next set Teddy was knocked out and went worse from there

  • Good effort from Blair.

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  • Any team looses when thier best player goes off esp when they also loose 3 forwards so have no bench not too concerned by today to be honest sometimes (esp against the warriors ) this kind of day happens

  • Didn’t stop the try but amazing effort by Blair to get to Hurrell then.

    He never quits

  • @Oxygen:

    Lawrence is pathetic I hope we never see him again in first grade

    I’m disappointed he went out there injured to start with. His mobility is shot to ribbons.

  • @Fumbles:



    Are we playing a fullback ? All they have to do is kick behind the line and chase.

    yeah Patty is at the back

    Rowe was terrible and so is Richards what is the back up plan if Tedesco leaves ?

    Koro to fullback? I’m not sure but it certainly proves how lost we are when out of position.

  • sigh

    no fit players on the bench, the injuries haven’t given us much of a chance

  • Arm grab by Lawrence on Johnson. Nice work Chris

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  • It’s just a run in the park for the warriors now
    40-18 kick to come
    There goes our ± F/A
    If it was hard to recover from last weeks game , this week will be harder I reckon .

  • Can we start a petition or something please to get rid of Lawrence???
    Honestly, we cannot carry him

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  • we have no bench

  • Nofo should have probably been given a shot at fullback

  • Felt like I was watching a repeat of the Dragons game.

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  • Okay grab your duty free boys as you come thru the airport for home and forget about the absolute disaster from today and concentrate on the Eagles next week, that is if we can field a team… No MOM for me today…
    The officials today have left a lot to be desired as they did in last nights game!!

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