Should be a starting prop next week,

He’s getting stronger every game and I think he’s starting to get that glint in the eye.

You know the one.

The one that starts to inspire the other guys.

I’m loving this football team.

And so must Skando.

Congrats on your form mate. Your Back……

but his impact off the bench is pretty good, why change a good thing

ill probably cop it here but to be honest i didnt really notice him today.

I still want him in the team though.

lol…… sorry guys should have gone to the “Previous Game” thread first before starting this one.

Should have realised that, you all saw what I saw today.

Anyway we can give him a bit of a salute here as well running up to next week 😆

Who cares Skando has been so great he desrves 2 threads…

Outstanding again today from the big fella…He’s getting better…


ill probably cop it here but to be honest i didnt really notice him today.

I still want him in the team though.

The attitude of the team changed when he ran onto the park today.

Go back & watch the game again.

The first 15 minutes today were ordinary.
Nearly costing us the slim chance we had left.

We need attitude for 40min x 2.

Skando knows where that attitude comes from.
And the other guys can see that.

I thought the big fella had a very good game today. Ran hard (and often) and forced errord with his scramble.

Having said that I’d keep him on the bench for impact. He’s doing a great job.

I’ve kept faith in him for the last couple of months but i think he was playing better in 2005/06……The man we’re undoubtedly missing is Galloway

Galloway is the man we need , no doubt, but it won’t be at the expense of the legend Skando. Toddy is in danger.

His experience shows with his smart plays. Especially against the Broncos in his return match where he forced several knock ons, one or both of them leading to tries (except one was denied by the video ref).

I hope once KG comes back Sheens picks the side on form and doesnt discard Skando straight away.

It’s great to see Skando out there running around again. And playing well.

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