Who Should Be Our Coach Next Season?

Mick Potter - Incumbent coach.

David Kidwell - Current assistant coach.

Todd Payten - Current assistant coach.

Kevin Walters - Current assistant coach under Wayne Bennett and Newcastle Knights.

Matt Parish - Currently unemployed. Former assistant coach at Manly, Parramatta and Canberra. Former head coach Salford.

Brian Smith - Currently some sort of coaching gypsy. Former head coach at multiple clubs.

John Cartwright - Currently unemployed. Former head coach of Gold Coast Titans.

Anthony Griffin - Current head coach Brisbane Broncos. Off contract.

Matt Elliott - Former head coach at multiple clubs.

Steve Price - Former head coach at St George-Illawarra.

Tim Sheens - Former head coach at multiple clubs. Only coach on this list to win a premiership.

My choices:

1st. Anthony Griffin - On account of him having experience in a professional club and a rapport with players that could lead to him being a useful bargaining chip. His teams seem to never lack resolve despite results not always going their way, which is what ours exactly does lack.

2nd. Kevin Walters - A representative half (was probably the best player in this list of coaches) is a good person to have coaching our boom halves. Has served under arguably the two best coaches in the NRL (Bellamy and Bennett).

3rd. Brian Smith - A very good boardroom politician, could mean he’d be able to navigate the volatility in the club similarly to the way Sheens did. Is a thorough authoritarian and has a penchant for making tough decisions. Generally leaves clubs in way better shape than when he came in despite never achieving the glory of a premiership.

Would HATE to see Matt Parish or either of our current assistants. The rest would be underwhelming but not infuriating.

Is Steve Folkes an option??

Brian Smith/ Daniel Anderson combo would be fine.
will sort this mess out.

Not sure if those guys would work together. Something tells me one wouldn’t enjoy being under the other. Don’t think Anderson is in the game anymore. Enjoys his radio gig I think.

@Combat Wombat:

Is Steve Folkes an option??

I think if he was, he’d be an excellent choice. I don’t think he wants to head coach NRL anymore though. Otherwise he’d surely have been given the job when Sheens left?


@Combat Wombat:

Is Steve Folkes an option??

I think if he was, he’d be an excellent choice. I don’t think he wants to head coach NRL anymore though. Otherwise he’d surely have been given the job when Sheens left?

I think you may find that he had far more important and personal matters to deal with, rather than coaching a footy team.

my top 3 options in no particular order were all not mentioned - Daniel Anderson, Steve Folkes and Nathan brown

Jason Taylor.

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I dont understand the Anthony Griffin talk. He’s failed with the luxury of a one team town side with a good roster and great junior base.

How about Farah retires from playing and become the head coach . He’s the one that’s unraveled our season !
Let’s see how the sook copes then !

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Roy Masters 😆 Seriously though, it’s their heads that need working on and some decent psychology is what’s needed here. He would instill some belief and mongrel in them that’s for sure. I really don’t know who could motivate this team out of any of the options above.

Mick Potter. You might have heard of him.

Not sure he has done too much wrong.

Now if you asked who the board might be next year, you know, the people who provide stability and direction in a club……well thats another story…

Taylor, Walters, Barrett or Anderson.

While Farah and the white anters are at the club anyone worth there salt would not come anywhere near this club …the question is WOULD you.
Do we believe that the word is not out about who,does run this club.
Someone that is desperate for a start will take the job …Potter was that man 2 yrs ago.

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