Who can still play finals?

who from first grade can still play finals?

austin, moses, rowe, lulia, moltzen etc…would anyone know the criteria for who can or cant play finals?

since, the season is over and the cup side is coming 2nd, maybe we should let whoever available play in that team.

Maybe Rowe. Buchanan can. Moltzen is done for the year I believe.

I don’t know who else qualifies

Also any NYC player is able to play from memory


Maybe Rowe. Buchanan can. Moltzen is done for the year I believe.

I don’t know who else qualifies

Also any NYC player is able to play from memory

any nyc eligible player or a player on an nyc contract?

for e.g. brooks and moses are on nrl contracts but can still play nyc

a) A player will be eligible to play in the final series of matches in the competition in which he played the majority of or equal number of premiership games prior to the final series commencing.
b) The player has participated in a minimum of eight (8) premiership games in that competition prior to the final series commencing.
c) A player will be eligible to play in the final series providing the higher grade (NRL) is still competing in the NRL competition.
Note: If the higher grade is eliminated on the same weekend prior to the VB NSW Cup match, players who do not qualify under any other category apart from clause ‘c)’ will be permitted to play on that weekend only, e.g. If the NRL Team is eliminated on Friday or Saturday and the VB NSW Cup game is on Sunday, players who do not qualify otherwise will be permitted to play on that Sunday.
d) A player who has qualified in a lower level or a player who has qualified to play in the NYC Competition Final Series will still be eligible to play in the VB NSW Cup Final Series.
e) A higher level qualified player who has failed to gain selection in the NRL Final Series and is playing in a lower level competition Final Series will be required to have participated in two matches throughout the lower level competitions Final Series to be eligible to continue playing in that Final Series therefore eliminating any of the previous eligibility rules.
f) A starting player will not be eligible to play in two levels of the Final Series scheduled on the same weekend, other than where the lower level team has played earlier than the higher level team on that weekend of the Final Series and due to extenuating circumstances (last minute player withdrawal), then a lower level player will be eligible to play in the higher level game.
g) If a player has participated in an equal amount of matches in higher level or lower level Competitions at the conclusion of the regular season, the player will then qualify for the lower level Final Series and therefore be eligible to play in the higher level Final Series.
h) Each Club with a team engaged in the Final Series at any level is required to lodge with the NRL, NSWRL and QRL a list of players whom they consider to be eligible to play in each level by no later than 5.00pm on the Monday following the conclusion of the last round of the competition.

So I think that rules out Austin. Moses will be a handy inclusion in the halves though.

Lulia is gone for the season now too.

that’s it alad. i knew i read those things every year but couldnt find it on the nswrl website today for some reason.

let’s get the calculators out

could someone also link me to the nyc eligibility criteria?

Moses & Stevens were forming a great combination in the halves before his promotion . Mitchell will be a great help to win the GF …hence Farlow can go back to his preferred position.
I bet Fletcher wishes Koro & Mr T was still in his team though as Penrith are going to be very difficult to beat

1. Hitchcox
2. Sila
3. Fine
4. Brown
5. Taukafa
6. Moses
7. Stevens
8. Fiagatusa
9. Luani
12.Farlow ( capt.)


After watching every NSW CUP game this year this IMO would be our strongest side
to take us into the finals. Buchanan has been there all season also and has been solid without being flashy but Bullock and Fiangatusa add more aggression and leg speed before and after the contact for mine. i left Rowe out because, well no need for explanation there, still tentative and runs with the handbrake on. Inosesio at starting lock is a fight fire with fire move from Fletch as noted forwards this year have thought twice about running at him when he is on. Vela has been finding form with every game and touch wood he has a injury free run to seasons end. :sign:

We can beat Penrith, our 1st meeting at penrith they beat us with 18 players!! (the referee was also in pink that day), our last meeting 3 of their tries against us came through a lot of arm grabbing and poor attitude from our boys, if we fix our attitude in defence then we’'ll go a long ways to lifting the cup at the finish. :sign:

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