The Brian Smith review....

:bash Can any of the forum users please let me know where I can apply for a copy of the said review and recommendations…Iam interested to see what it contains …the team has gone backwards after this review and I suspect if it was written by a person that was sacked from his last three positions, then it surely can’t have much substance other than to cause controversy.(Brian Smith clearly needed the money and seen us as a soft touch).If our team starts 2015 injury free and with a good coach …yes I also include Mick Potter in the coaching department …we can be very competitive for a top 8 finish,stability is what’s needed right through the whole club,and surely we can have harmony with no white anting,backstabbing etc…for a successful 2015 and beyond. Wests Tigers now and forever…

It was internal review of football operations…as such the findings will not be made public

Brian Smith must be very very good if he saw us coming and suggested the review himself….and we agreed.

But somehow I dont think it went down like that

According to Grant Mayer the findings will be presented to the new board , and as yet none of the recommendations have been acted upon.

I’m his own words on 2ue a few weeks ago, the report was filed in the top drawer and won’t be looked at again until the new board is in place.

So I don’t know what impact, if any, this mysterious report has had on the shambles of late.

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A to be used when convenient for the CEO report?

Brian Smith has rocked the boat and managed to plant instability. The board and the CEO is responsible in this aspect.The timing is all wrong even if we geniunely required it.

Catch up!!!

The review was initiated by the NRL. It was part of the deal where we were given extra funding. It will be presented to the new board whenever it comes into being.

It was not started by WT’s but the NRL

Our capitulation this year would have happen Smith report or no Smith report. In light of the last month, highlights how much we needed a person like Smith to have a look at our operation and the need for massive change

Although not a real Brian Smith fan but I am very much looking forward to the report being followed and acted upon ASAP. I also hope that the NRL will help us out with costs for coaching, training and medical staff and facilities. .

Anyone who knocks the Smith review is an ill-informed idiot.

NRL is giving the club money, and as part of this deal they want an independent review of the operations of the club so they have a neutral perspective of the strengths and weaknesses at the club. The club hires someone to complete this report. Our club is a bit of a shambles so undoubtedly there are a number of criticisms in said report.

The club is waiting until the new board is finalised to present the findings of the report, until which time nothing will be done (quite rightly).

The problem isn’t the report, or Smith, the problem is the person/s who leaked the content of the report to the press. Whoever did this should be named and shamed publicly as well as permanently barred from the club in any capacity. Those individuals are responsible for the turmoil at the club.

Um, the last two posts either a) want the Brian Smith report implemented asap or b) say that anyone who knocks the report is an ill informed idiot. Well given that neither of you know what is in the report, what is your basis for making these statements? Am I wrong and you do know what the report contains? If, as you say, it has been leaked to the press, perhaps you can tell us what is in it; apart from some journos reporting that it it adversely reflects on Mick Potter, which the club has denied, I don’t recall seeing anything else that was “leaked” to the press.

Maybe you need to get all your facts together and justify what has been written.

Maybe we shouldve gotten a nice person, who is liked by all….who will say nice things in the report…and then everyone would be happy.

Its like getting a building inspector…he’s the bad news guy

We have plenty of bad news here

Find it funny that people try to paint Smith as the bad guy, as if the club is run like a well oiled machine.

@ GNR4LIFE Ithink if the review was done by someone other than the person sacked from his last 3 jobs ,then people would have more faith in what the results may be… 😃

Sideline eye, you need to read the earlier posts more carefully. Your assumptions are wrong.

Some of our (deluded) colleagues believe that the report was prepared as part of a conspiracy by Mayer to destabilise Potter.

Magpiecol and Balmain Boy (above) are acquainting you with the fact that the NRL asked the WT to undertake the review to be presented to the new Board. We have been told that the report is about structures and doesn’t deal with coaching staff.

If anyone is to blame re the report, it is the NRL for being so tardy in installing the new Board.

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