Is Potter just too nice/quiet a coach to cut it?

I have been pretty supportive and sympathetic to Mick overall. I think most fans realise he has walked into a hornets nest of a club. The football he had us playing early int he season was very promising and he seemed like he had effected a cultural change about the place. I have not forgotten all that in a couple of months ravaged by injury and politics. However some things about Potter concern

  • Why has he not bought Steve Roach into line for attacking our captain and our leadership in the media?? Would a current assistant coach at Melbourne come out and bag Cameron Smith without facing Bellemy’s wrath. I think its an appalling look and Blocker in continuing to carry on without anyone seemingly bringing him into line. As the head coach he should have people around him that want to back him 100% and in Payten, Roach and Kidwell they seem to be working against him and getting away with it to a point.

  • Maybe it is just bad timing, but when the cameras pan to the sheds in the halftime brake you see different dressing rooms. You get a Bellemy, Hasler Robinson etc barking instructions and our bloke was sitting there looking pretty uninspired. The players didn’t look like they were taking in a word on Saturday night. Maybe we need a coach that can demand and intimidate after 10 years of Sheens boring speeches and Potter the good bloke. Just seems more intensity in other coaches.

  • I still have not seen any player really come out and back him to the hilt. The amount of flak he has got you would expect some maybe to give the media some stick but its all been pretty tip toeing around it. They certainly don’t look lik they want to play for him.

Like I said I feel sorry for him, but i just don’t know if there is a road back from this debacle. Maybe he is just to nice a bloke to cut it at this club. I would be happy for him to get another season however with all that has happened maybe it is best for everyone if they cut Mick.

There are conflicting stories about Mick. Some say he is a strict disciplinarian others indicate that he is nice guy. Whatever the case, in light of what he has had to endure, he has carried himself with an incredible amount of dignity and deserves proportionate respect for that.

You do however need to have the playing group follow you and believe in the culture and playing structures you’re building. I do not see this happening and the players reaction the OP refers to is probably indicative of their opinion.

I honestly don’t see how can judge the playing group’s response to Mick Potter. The only litmus test we have is the early season before injury and origin intervened with the players available and therefore combinations, synergy etc. Again this season Wests Tigers have been hammered by injury. You can’t blame that on the coach. Something has to change with our player conditioning.
I agree with the comments about Roach. His little performance is instructive of where the real problems are at the club. Potter probably can’t touch him due to friends in high places.
This place is a complete mess and changing coaches won’t solve our problems.

Roach is certainly out of place, indicative of the size of the grey matter he has.Even if he disagreed, it is not his role to air his opinion, he certainly lack loyalty to the management he is supposed to support.

The fact that Steve Roach is still employed says all you need to know about this club. It is absolutely laughable and disgraceful that he can come out and publically bag a fellow employee, yet nothing is done about it. It is weak as piss.

I think Potter is over it.
He knows his future and now he could care less.

A big broom used intelligently would go a long way to solving the problems at WT.

I don’t know if Potter being too nice and quiet is the real problem. Sure coaches like Bellamy & co, who rant and express their passion openly, certainly do have a good record with their teams, but then you have guys like Cleary doing just as well and his demeanor is generally pretty quiet. I agree with NT Tiger, a change of coach will not solve our problems, as the real mess that needs addressing is much higher up. It would be difficult for anyone to coach effectively under the present conditions, imo.

On Roach, I believe that he should definitely have been sacked after those comments about Farah. A couple of years ago Peter Peters, a Manly legend involved with the club for many years, was sacked, no questions asked, after making ridiculous comments to the media. Manly wouldn’t put up with his crap tarnishing the club - therein lies the difference between our clubs, as they stand.

Actions speak louder than words:

  • benching Benji
  • not playing Brooks against Cowboys
  • dropping Gavet for disciplinary reasons against Roosters

All 3 actions were made despite the club needing to win those matches, yet Potter let them know who was in charge and placed the long term interests of the club above himself.

He just needs to bench Robbie and we will be on our way to success….

Potter has to go …… I said all along he wasnt the right man for the job. You need someone who the players respect and can inspire them to perform at their best. Unfortunately Mick hasnt been able to achieve this. That said he does seem a nice bloke and has been treated poorly by our club.

Look I know that people see Potter as a mild mannered coach , who doesn’t breathe fire at HT etc

I lot of Sundays I work and listen to ABC Grandstand

The HT reports when the Tigers are getting thrashed usually say that the paint is peeling off the walls in the Tigers dressing room

Just because we don’t see it openly doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen

All speculation really. Nobody knows whether or not he’s had a word with roach or what he says to the lads in the sheds. One thing though, the players have said many times that they won’t get involved in discussions about who is coach. Most of them extended their contracts a while ago so that in itself is some sign of support.

I like the way Mick doesn’t play issues out in the media and he supports his players no matter what, i.e. Taking Robbie aside prior to the dragons game to ensure he was ok. He can hold his head high and I for one think he deserves to stay on.

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Definitely like to see Potter stay a bit longer with us, so he can show us what he can do. With the new boards support, his own chosen assistants brought in and a fully fit team, he just might surprise a lot of us.

For the money we can offer, we’ve bought well with him.
Maybe not perfect, but impressive enough.
Plenty more wrong with the club than him.


I think Potter is over it.
He knows his future and now he could care less.

I agree… Privately Potter knows his fate… He is no fool… Publicly he has to demonstrate hope…

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