2. Jy Hitchcox
26. Sitaleki Akauola
3. Blake Austin
4. Chris Lawrence
5. Cory Paterson
6. Mitchell Moses
7. Luke Brooks
8. Aaron Woods
9. Robbie Farah (capt.)
21. Matthew Lodge
11. Curtis Sironen
12. Bodene Thompson
13. Adam Blair

14. Ava Seumanufagai
15. Martin Taupau
16. Sauaso Sue
17. Jack Buchanan

Coach: Mick Potter


is the game on paytv or live tele?


is the game on paytv or live tele?

Ch 9 mate

Live on Channel 9 Eyewonder

It’s whopping time…… Hell I hope I’m wrong please lord

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Is that really the lineup!?

I like it!

WOW!! Backrowers Akauola & Paterson on the wings… Lucky the rain means it’s going to be a forwards battle!!
Big doggies pack are going to get stuck in the mud!!

🙏 :sign:

I’m hoping for divine intervention and lightning strikes several bulldogs players.


Is that really the lineup!?

I like it!

Yeah does actually look better this lineup

C’mon surprise us boys…

Should’ve swapped Hitchcox and Austin - Austin played well at fullback and Hitchcox is a centre. Why play them both out of position?

WTF are the Doggies running out with WT Kids

Yep, and Woods coughs it up on the second tackle.

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