No consistency - exhibit A

the ball isn’t even out of the scrum yet and no penalty.

these ref’s are really something special.

The game has become a joke. Apparently the quicker the game the better. It’s made it a stack worse and a heap more boring. No wonder the AFL is gaining fans by the hundreds.

Yep, refereeing continues to be abysmal. Some minor improvement in the rules with the ref indicating his belief regarding scoring of tries - this has worked well. But otherwise, it is business as usual. And as usual, we copped the rough end of the pineapple with refereeing tonight.

Easy fix…… become a force and the calls will go our way.

I thought this thread was going to be about dragging players back into the in-goal.

We had our player picked up, feet off the ground, and marched into the in-goal. No penalty.

We dragged the player, whose motion never really stopped, along the ground, into the in-goal. Penalty.

I thought there was a rule about how far you could take a player not touching the ground. Can anyone confirm? In my view, both probably should have been pinged.

What is all the talk i keep hearing about “interpretation of the rule” by refs? Surely, the job of the refs’ boss is to make sure that all refs enforce the rules as they are written. No interpretation required. It’s open to bias and corruption otherwise. What’s a possible explanation by an incompetent or “dodgy” ref after a widely agreed stuff up? “I didn’t interpret the rule that way in that circumstance”? Well, the rest of the known universe did, man! It’s amateur hour to the max.

Simple solution is to bring back the one referee !
You don’t get all of these BS calls in international games . But as Black & white posted , most of these bad calls will disappear when we start winning games .

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