Warning & deleted post


I had a post saying i would buy some debt and etc (not wanting this deleted)

I have seen much worse said about the Magpies side, yet I get a post deleted and a warning. I hope there is not bias from Mods, as that is not what a forum is for. If this is the case and I can’t put my feelings in context (look at the whole thread) you might as well close my account.

IMO mods need to be neutral.

The mods are neutral Genoshan.

If you’re abusive or behaving like a twat, you’ll have posts deleted.

You were deliberately trolling Genoshan, and you have made several posts lately having a dig about Balmain being broke, and your avatar suggests you’re taking some satisfaction in this. In any event, your post was deleted and you were warned for trolling. I will take the same action against any other member who wants to persist with trolling.

Genoshan you certainly don’t do yourself any favours by having that avatar, Willow is correct there has been so much of this Balmain vs Wests mentality over the years here on this Forum, that there is little wonder why we are failing as a football Club.
we are Wests Tigers!!!

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