Building Sails

As bad as things have gotten, I can still find the positives.

I think I have been blinded by how bad we really are on and off the field for some time, but spending time on this forum the last few years has opened my eyes to the true reality of our team’s predicament.

I’m hurting the same as most on here. To have a season start with so much potential and then go down the drain so quickly, and the way it has occurred, is a real kick in the balls.

I have seen glimpses of what we can be, throughout this season. We stuck it to the two power houses in the comp this year and it wasn’t because the other team didn’t turn up, we won those fair and square. The key to both wins were the changes that have occurred in the forwards, our weakness for so long. We now have the grunt up the middle to match it with the best. We’re not seeing it now, but its there. If it can be harnessed and delivered consistently, the forwards are a done deal.

The start of this year, we had run on players still on the sideline through injury for round one. I’m pretty sure we will go into round one 2015 with our full squad to choose from, as we don’t have any injuries that will limit us to kick off 2015.

We now have a full off season to get our backline defence in order. Certainly one of our major issues. Slight positive, I guess.

Austin – This kid has really brought a spark to the team, there have been some on here saying his a fringe first grader; really? The kid is killing it, and one of our best week in, week out. A real positive in my eyes and a beacon of positive change at the Tigers.

Brooks – He has it and is only going to get better.

Moses – I hadn’t seen him play, only read on here about his potential. I have seen enough already to say he has me wanting to see him more than any of the other kids. And he will gain some needed size in the off season. Look out 2015.

Coach – Hard one to find a positive on, but at least at the end of the year the team will know who will be taking them forward, and if it is Potter (and I hope it is) then he will be signed on for a period of time and if there is any players dirty on this guy, you would think they would pull their head in and accept the decision. If we end up with a new coach, at least the disgruntled players (if any) will start putting in and hopefully bring some cohesion to the team. Optimism can be a wonderful thing!

A new board, and its only agenda is to take us forward. I couldn’t give a stuff about Balmain or Wests. WESTS TIGERS is where it’s at, and we might finally have people in power that feel and act the same.

I’m sure there are plenty that can find a whole lot more negatives than positives with our team, but I see the future and I think we will be flying high next year, so hang in there Tiger fans!

I’m a Tiger for life and will be around for the good and the bad, but enough of the farrrkin bad already!! 🙏

“When the winds of change start to blow, some build walls others build sails”

Well put, I agree there are plenty of positives.
Best of all, I haven’t seen anything about Broooks, Moses or Austin that suggests they’d let a few thrashings take the wind out of their sails. They’ve got eyes for success only.
May they stay fit and heathy.
And may we get to enjoy watching their success unfold.

It’s a good post and the optimism is nice. I too think we have a team and a coach that can win the comp, if they can stay on the paddock. My optimism is tempered by the knowledge that the Tigers recent injury history suggests that we can’t field a cohesive team consistently.
In my book, if the Brian Smith review does not make recommendations that deal with Wests Tigers injury issues, it was a waste of time and money. Something has to change in time for next season.

Nice Post BodhiTiger - Agree with everything you say except I won’t accept Potter going.

The kids are great - their defence is not brilliant - neither are any other teams in the lower grades. With a proper defence coach and an off season body build up + injury recovery time the sky is the limit.

The only negatives are off field - new broom there.


Sort out the back room medical staff, strength coaches and punt the board.

If all that happens I see all the other issues disappearing

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