Last WT game you attended

The last game I attended was the Storm game at Campbelltown. Won’t be going again this year. Like trial games, the remaining games don’t interest me, just a waste of time. Do others on here attend games with the season being over.

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If I was in Sydney I would attend every game

Your not a fan in only the good times , your a fan full stop

You blokes in Sydney take too much for granted

Last game for me was Townsville

Last Thursday night v Dogs

Was there Thursday night.

Won’t however be making the trek to Canberra.

Last round I will be there

Dogs last week …… we should still go even though the team is out of it … but i wont be going to Canberra this week though.

last one was dogs tigers sunday arvo.

cant make a lot of time slots because of work and other commitments but ill try make sharks vs tigers.

When we belted the dogs…

How good is that?!

The Titans game at Skilled this year

v the roosters 2 weeks ago.

I’ll be there again v the sharks, can’t wait.

It would be great to get a couple of wins to finish the season.

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vs Titans at Robina

Great day, caught up with Taupau after the game, and smiled all the 2 hr journey home!

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel attending to the dogs game, usually we’re still a mathematical shot going into the last rounds, even if we ultimately finish 10th on PD. I’ve got an ANZ membership and I was working at Allphones arena that day so there was really no excuse not to walk next door when I finished work. Changed into my Tiger onesie and met my girlfriend at the station for a game we knew we were going to lose.

And honestly I’m glad I was there. Obviously I wasn’t pleased to see the Dogs put 30 on us when neither side was playing well, but it felt right that we were still standing together, still flying the flag. It’s not our first bad season, it won’t be the last. My missus ignored the scoreboard and instead cheered every time we completed a set or successfully defended one our line.

Last game was at Leichhardt vs the Roosters. My next game will probably be at the start of next season. I’d love to go to them all, but find it hard to find the time, what with a young family and all.

This has actually been my best year for attending games, probably ever. I’ve made it to 8 games, up from 3 last year and 1 the year before that. My previous game before that was probably in 2006. My 7 year old son is now obsessed with it, and my 3 year old daughter is starting to enjoy it more each time.

Likewise regarding some of the comments already mentioned.
If I was a Sydney-sider, I’d attend as much as possible.

Lately, I’m working most times the games are on.
Keep updated online & Foxtel Go has been nice so I can catch some of it.

I went to the game against the knights in newy and I went out to Cessnock to watch the NSWCUP game much earier in the year.

Enjoyed both
Hate the knights.

Years ago, Homebush…. we lost

Round 3 2006, Jade Stadium vs Warriors. We lost but it was the best day of my young life meeting all the players at the after game function. As a 12 year old I was too starstruck to talk when I met the almighty Benji Marshall. I envy all Sydney based fans, I’d love to watch the boys play live again.

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