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To all our great forum members,great posts threads and discussions.I have read a lot about our halves our captain and above all our incompetence as a club and team.Let me ask you this ,forget inhouse dramas at the moment,we can’t do much in that department,however do some of you agree that we need a player that can make the big calls and set up plays.(I’m not bagging our captain,this is not all about him).DIRECTION is what’s needed and is non existent at the moment eg,last play options,no support play for offloads,and no specific play on kick returns.Im sure everyone will say Potter doesn’t have a game plan,I tend to disagree,somewhere along the way during the game it seems to go out the window,maybe Farrah tries to hard and goes haywire trying to get a better result.So in this discussion and I stress it’s not about bagging someone out,it’s about a probable solution,could Moses or Brooks be the ones to make the big calls and the senior players take the call or do we need a senior player to be the one to urge the play on …I don’t know at the moment.the former would be my choice,but it’s out here now let’s hear some good feedback and please can we have some civility because we do all have different opinions.Wests Tigers now and forever 😃 😃 😃

I am sure u are right but its up to brooks and moses to stand up next year and over call all others.

When we have been at full strength Farah does take a back seat

But as BP said its Brooks job to override Robbie and give him what for if he doesn’t listen

If he can’t do that we might as well have kept Jacob Miller

Its the half back’s job to run the team Simple

Yes, definitely the half back’s job to direct the team and I’m sure Brooks will take over that role, completely, after having a full season in first grade this year. We are extremely lucky to have a young halfback with the enormous potential that Brooks has - he will realise that potential very soon, don’t worry.

I was hoping it was paragraphs…

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