Best & worst captains

  • Article this morning.
    Bottom line - farah should keep his nose out of the politics. Concentrate on football. His name appears under worst captains.

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  • Banned

    Who says that any of what was said about Farah is remotely true. I saw a youtube video recently where Potter said to one of those idiot reporters something like you might want to do a little more research.

    I just reckon 90% of this stuff is made up.

  • its what i woke up to this morning. trust me - in my own personal life - my thoughts are spent on the new wave of terror in the world & how to remedy it not robbie farah? After all - how much time per week does Robbie Farah think about me. Smell the ffffn coffee.
    We only got each other.

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  • Fair call I guess…

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