2GB Sack Roach for Bullying

Origin Legend Sacked From Radio Station
Posted: 28 August, 2014 by Triple M NRL

The Daily Telegraph have reported that Steve ‘Blocker’ Roach has been sacked from his role at 2GB radio following a bullying complaint from a young male colleague

Roach was sacked this morning following a senior management meeting. It stems from an incident inside the radio box at ANZ Stadium on Friday 15 August.

The former Origin legend angrily criticized a staff member before the Bulldogs-Eels match.

The staffer submitted a formal complaint early last week, forcing the station into action.

Roach confirmed he had been sacked and accepted responsibility for “my part in the argument”.

“I’ve loved my 13 years at the Continuous Call team calling football - that’s my passion,” he said.

And this blokes on our coaching staff…My God…

And Hadley still works there


‘‘Those were my doughnuts you little s…’’


And Hadley still works there


that’s the funniest part in all this, that d***head is still there after all the problems he’s caused of late.

big wake up call for blocker though.

Poor blocker, he suffers from quick mouth slow brain syndrome,it has plagued him for years

Blocker has been riding the coat-tails of the CC team for years, being a fool and getting paid for it….for a big man he has a peanut sized brain…About time he was forced to look for a real job.


We all know the staffer is Robbie Farah

Opens the door for them to use Kerry O’Keefe on their show. I’m sure they didn’t sign him to be on air once a week in the footy off season.

Watch out Potter his coming for your job lol… Blocker couldn’t coach the local under 8 side .
These guys think there untouchables (former and current players)


Steve Roach’s 13-year association with 2GB is no more after the radio station sacked him over allegations of intimidating behaviour towards a producer.

The former Balmain Tigers, NSW State of Origin and Australian front-rower confirmed on Thursday that his contract with the Macquarie Radio Network had been terminated as a result of a bullying complaint made by a younger male colleague.

Roach’s exit from the station stems from an incident nearly a fortnight ago when he was alleged to have verbally attacked a producer in the lead-up to 2GB’s coverage of the all-Sydney blockbuster between Canterbury and Parramatta at ANZ Stadium.

A source with knowledge of the altercation said the 52-year-old responded with a heated outburst to an innocuous comment by the staffer, before then turning his rage towards a senior member of the commentary team when they jumped to the defence of the producer.

Roach then had a fiery exchange the next day with long-time caller and Continous Call team host Ray Hadley in a meeting before that program went to air, and was absent from the show when it began at midday after being stood down for a day.

He returned to the airwaves 24 hours later for the Sunday version of the program. The Herald was told that Roach issued an apology to the employee he had abused on the Monday, only for an official complaint to subsequently be made to management about his behaviour.

On Thursday Roach was sacked but declined to expand on his axing when contacted. “I’ll talk at another time. I don’t really want to talk about it now. I’ll talk when I get the chance,” Roach said.

The station’s decision was believed to be partly motivated by a desire to take a strong public position against bullying after Hadley himself was embroiled in a high-profile episode last year. Hadley settled for an undisclosed amount after claims he bullied and harassed 2GB’s website manager.

Macquarie Radio Network managing director Russell Tate said the station had cut ties with Roach but would not comment on the nature of the former international’s outburst.
“I’ll confirm that the contract has been terminated but I won’t make any further comment. It’s an internal matter,” Tate said. “Steve can comment on whatever he wants to. It’s a matter that’s internal and it will remain that way.”

Roach, who continues to work on the coaching staff at Wests Tigers, made a successful transition from playing to broadcasting with the Nine Network before making the switch to radio after being sacked in 1999

Big deal ,I don’t listen to their crap radio show anyway .Hadley must be on thin ice as well.always an angry old man

I don’t listen to that crap however does Blocker sound like a crazy man or what. He just seems to say stupid stuff all the time.

Great player but he seems like a complete moron.

I wish the club gets rid of him too. Surely he can’t be a good influence on the boys. He is such a tweet.

we all know what’s gonna happen next… he’s gonna come out with an exclusive interview about how he made an error in judgement and that’s not who he really is bla bla bla.

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