Are player contracts the problem???

Many many moons ago when I started following league a players contract was made up of a signing on fee and match payments. These match payments were very significant amounts for a win and stuff all for a loss.

Now I have actually never seen a NRL contract,but today it seems that most contracts are all about a set amount per year with very little incentives to achieve wins. I know players have certain bonuses if they make certain rep standards,but except for the real battler on a incentive based contract the rest seem to get the same money if they have a great year or a poor year.

I suppose the problem is for a club to attract players they have to do what the rest of the market is doing and of course the salary cap comes into play as you have to be able to put a definite value on a players head.

I just think you need to have incentives or it becomes to easy just to go through the motions

Hmmm. I think you’re right - the guys are getting their coin regardless of results. However, as you have pointed out, unless all clubs went back to incentive based contracts, a single club on it’s own doing this would find it very difficult to attract anyone.
AHHH - the days of $50 a loss,$100 a draw and $200 a win!

Couldn’t agree more.

Most players these days are either on base salary in their contract with incentives and bonuses for rep selection or team making top8 , top 4, premiership etc included in that, or players are on a minimum wage contract then match payments.

Without incentives it’s certainly easier for players to cruise and not put in as much as players who may be off contract or on match payments.

Roarto when I played it was $50 a win in first grade $10 a win in reserve grade,nothing for a draw or loss 😲 😲 😲

I’m sure it would make a difference, but I guess it makes it hard to meet the salary cap if everyone gets the same bonus after a good year.


Recruitment are making promises to players we don’t keep

So if I were a junior player looking to break into the NRL, what incentive would i have to join a club in the bottom half of the competition? If you have to win to get paid, then your best bet of getting paid is to join a club that usually wins, and clubs like Cronulla and Canberra would be even more poisonous than they are already.

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