Gus Gould comment during Rabbits v Dogs

I watched some of the game last night and still believe Ennis is a grub,however Gould made the comment along the lines of the wrestling,lifting,arm twisting hands on the ball and laying all over the players is really ruining the game dear o dear…any of you forumers think the same ,I do agree with him on some points but then again I suppose this is the modern game 😒 😒 😒

Yeah,the NRL is more Cross Country Wrestling than football at the moment,hard to see how they’re going to totally eradicate its influence when its so effective.

I couldn’t agree more. Its really worrying how much it has taken over the game. And like Gus said when asked “how do we fix it”?, he said “i think the horse has bolted”.

I have pondered the remedy for a couple of years now and cant come up with a workable solution without again changing the fundamentals of the game. Its the attackers and defenders that both contribute. The defence is obvious, but now the attack is into it too. It started with the walking off the mark or playing the ball behind the markers feet, getting the markers offside or not square, but now the tackled player is doing everything to try and lock the defender in the tackle. Its an absolute mess and funny that (for mine) its Melbourne and Souths that are the most prevalent.

Then I wonder at 36 if I’m starting to sound like that old bloke at every pub that says footy isn’t what it used to be and the love of the game is lost on them. Maybe the kids these days just accept that as part of the game as they dont know the expansive footy of the 80’s and 90’s. I suppose everything evolves, like it or not. But I hate it.

Latest ridiculous solution i’ve been thinking about is maybe its time for Union style ruck. Just let the attacking side and defending sides go hell for leather with the wrestle and have a Union style ruck when a player is tackled. Those teams that want to risk throwing players into the ruck to fight for the ball leave the remaining defensive players light on numbers, allowing for open attacking footy. Bugger it, merge the codes for a hybrid game :bash

Hey Tooth,Im the old guy at the pub,remanising on what used to be and having a beer… 😃 😃 😃

I’d like to see the old school round the legs tackle or good under the rib cage technique be rewarded by becoming the so called dominant tackle and allow teams slightly longer to hold a tackled player in the play the ball.

It may not speed up the ruck but it improves player safety by less wrestling, numbers in tackles etc and a cleaner ruck.

The more incentive and reward for defending teams who produce "copybook " tackles may lead to some way of removing the wrestling component.

Thank you Melbourne storm for all of it oh hang on they have the best player ever in smith and co lets not blame them nooooooiooo bloody grubs the lot of them

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😲 as I see it its up to the NRL to order all clubs to sack wrestling coaches and ban them from the game, then some time down the track these tactics will disapere and the game return to how it was yes?

They could start penalizing it for a start. They hardly ever blow the whistle.

Blow the whistle every time souths / storm / Dogs make one of their crappy wrestling tackles. every time they push 5 metres past the mark

First game they come out of with 30 penalties, they’ll change their style pretty quick.

If Wests Tigers don’t indulge in it as much as other clubs why are we topping the penalty count most games? Is it fair or is because we have a coach who is much quieter than Bellamy?

But Gus seems to forget we were using the wrestle in the 80’s

I was learning various judo moves to help bring bigger opponents down and using your weight to its best advantage in 1986

And I wish more players of my era would come out and admit it

OK its nowhere at the same level as it is today , but we started it

Happy, wasn’t that more-so just to get the the player on the ground with throws. I can live with that.

Its the grappling and wrestling to either hold the player down or force them onto their backs or or twist them towards their own goal line, ultimately to slow the play the ball that erks me

Tackling should be all about stopping the player with the ball. Once he is on the ground, the tackle is completed. Then the ref gives enough time for the defensive team to reset itself, and the next play is then started.

All this garbage with rolling players onto their backs, twisting arms, and everybody piling on to slow down the next play would be unnecessary if the refs would call held and play on. If the tacklers do this, penalise them. They would soon learn to just tackle!

The first few games at the start of the season were really enjoyable. The game was a lot faster. The refs called held quickly and didn’t let any of the teams slow it down with the wrestling. So teams like Storm, Bunnies, Roosters etc. didn’t win many games, so they complained that the speed of the game was so fast that it was damaging to players health. So now its gone back to who ever wins the wrestle gets the two points. Hmmm! Slow and painful to watch a lot of the time.

@The Tooth:

Happy, wasn’t that more-so just to get the the player on the ground with throws. I can live with that.

Its the grappling and wrestling to either hold the player down or force them onto their backs or or twist them towards their own goal line, ultimately to slow the play the ball that erks me

Yeah ,Alfies abbreviated Cumberland throw was the perfect example

Warren Ryan and Roy Masters used to lead the pitchfork brigade on many occasions to ban that tackle :roll

I have taught that type of tackle to my young fella as well as the orthodox tackling forms

As long as he doesn’t turn it into a slinging type tackle it is fine according to the junior refs

Please go back to the 5 metre rule. That’s the root cause of the wrestle - to give your defenders time to get back all that distance and be organised.

Yep, I am a dinosaur, but I know that I really did enjoy the game back then. Far more than I do today.

Happy has already denigrated the tackle around the legs as near impossible to do these days without giving the attacking side an advantage. You young guys should try and youtube Ron Coote, Neil Pringle and Steve Mortimer’s low scathing cover tackles. A pure joy to watch.

I do however know that we have as much chance of going back to the 5m rule as we do of wearing cotton football jerseys again.

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