Our best side v off contract best side

  • Just wondering how many of the off contract players you reckon would make the Tigers best 17


    1 Tedesco
    2 Nofoaluma
    3 Lawrence
    4 Simona
    5 Richards
    6 Moses
    7 Brooks
    8 Woods
    9 Farah
    10 Keefy
    11 Sue
    12 Thompson
    13 Blair

    14 Sironen
    15 Taupau
    16 Ava
    17 Austin / Gavet/Lodge

    Off contract side

    1 N Gardner
    2 M Duffie
    3 M Fonua
    4 K Auva’a
    5 C Thompson
    6 T Carney
    7 R Lui
    8 L Bailey
    9 H Lestrange
    10 B Hannant
    11 J Buhrer
    12 J Picker
    13 B Lowe

    14 W Mason
    15 C Houston
    16 S Vave
    17 T Arona

    Some positions are very weak particularly the 1 and 9 for the off contract side

    If anyone has resigned with another club apologies ,this is going off Zero Tackle figures

  • Copley has re-signed with Brisbane


    As for the others, Duffie and Hannant are the only 2 I’d bother looking at.

  • Crap
    I like Copley
    Duffie will do

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  • 3 M Fonua
    4 K Auva’a
    5 C Thompson
    8 L Bailey
    10 B Hannant

    These five are the only ones that would make our side and it’s very arguable. The backs would probably only get past our first stringers when they get hurt five minutes into round 1. The two props would probably jump a few guys into the side for better or worse though.

    I actually think Bailey would be a good signing. He obviously doesn’t want to retire yet or he would have and the Titans would have signed him by now if they were going to. He’d be closer to home and would come cheap. He’d be like a way better version of the Ray Cashmere signing. While we don’t lack props we don’t lack a grizzled hardheader forward leader so he’d add some value.

  • I’d be surprised if Fonua didn’t stay with Melbourne since he’s the only Victorian in the NRL. Auva’a will go elsewhere though because he is a reggies player that Souths wouldn’t have picked as needing to upgrade but after the season he’s had they will need to and they won’t have budgeted for it, so he’ll get poached by somebody. He’s good too.

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