Lodge's wound

i didnt catch the whole game and only vaguely remember this but how long was lodge not attended to after he scraped his knee?

i think he came off at around 17 minute mark and then they showed his wound at around 25 minute mark. you dont have to be a doctor to figure out to cover the wound ASAP to avoid infection.

as i said i only vaguely remember this and anyone’s more than welcome to correct me on this.

Wests Tigers medical staff - say no more.

I heard they couldn’t afford bandaids….


I heard they couldn’t afford bandaids….

Or a stapler

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Half the board wanted to dress it the other half wanted to air it, meanwhile Mayer was waiting for them to tell him what to do. Potter wanted it stitched but Robbie said just leave it. So that’s what happened.

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With our medical team that’s a season ending injury. Yes I do mean next season

Wow Comedy Central.

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