The High Profile Experienced Players Signed By Sheens?

In another thread, the poster wrote:-
We had the coach who met the above criteria, Aussie coach, but most ppl whinged & complained. The same ppl that are still complaining. We will never make the finals whilst we place our hope in reserve graders & potential. Our roster is the least experienced that I have ever seen. Tim Sheens continued to attract the high profile experienced players that are required and bled the young talent as slowly as he could. Unfortunately, the club has been a mere shadow of itself since he was dumped except for the odd good run. Go Weststigers!
Would those with a better memory than me, please list the high profile, experienced players attracted by Tim Sheens, to aid my memory.

Well they are not all still here but I’ll give it a crack…Ellis Tuqiri Anasta Cayless Cashmere Fulton and Blair and he brought back Skando and Fitzhenry at one stage

Yes we certainly signed some experienced high profile players under Sheens

Jason Cayless ,Nick Graham ,Jason Moodie ,Ryan O’Hara , Scott Sattler,John Morris

Oh sorry you meant successful ones

In the early seasons he did sign some good experienced players under Sheens

Hodgson ,Whatuira ,Elford ,Keefy Prince

But the players certainly dropped off after that

We have struggled to sign good experienced NRL players for a long time and the ones we have picked up have been unsuitable to our needs

If I was to grade us from 1st -16th in signing compared to other clubs in the NRL in the past 5 seasons we finish 15th and we only beat the Raiders

But if that is being biased or unfair please let me know

It really doesnt matter who Tim signed at this stage of the game. He’s gone, hopefully Potter is next. Before we look for another coach, we need to get rid of the nimrods running this joint. With them at the helm, we’ll never attract a decent coach who can produce the results we’re craving for again.

Chris you joining last man standing ?


Chris you joining last man standing ?

Probably not wise

Liverpool have had there good win for the season until they play West Ham again 😮

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