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I was listening to 2GB on the way home this arvo to the Chris Smith program.
For those that don’t listen to him he has a Rumour box where you can send in rumours and if it comes true you win a prize.
Anyway someone by the name of Peter from the Balmain area submitted one about the coaching position at the Tigers.

2015 will see Tim Sheens appointed coach of the Wests Tigers.

I immediately thought to myself "Yeah right, they wouldn’t be that stupid’ but after some thought it may just happen.

A settlement was made out of court re his sacking. Who knows what this arrangement included
Blocker coming out and saying that there will be a “big announcement” etc

Personally I would like to see Potter keep his job but I would be surprised if Sheens comes back…… only time will tell

Good god I hope not !

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Good god I hope not !

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HaHaHa…yes we could be that stupid

Stop giving credence to Blockers comment for gods sake. As far as Sheens goes, wouldn’t it show how desperate he is to return 2 yrs after being sacked, then the whole saga being dragged through the courts? I think even if the club wanted him back, he’d have too much pride to come back, and you couldn’t blame him for that.

Why would he want to come back??


Why would he want to come back??

Sheens seems like the sort of bloke that would enjoy sticking it up all the non believers

Would not surprise me if Tim Sheens ends up coaching the Gold Coast Titans.

He’s obviously run out of money then.

Teflon wouldnt swallow his pride before.
Why would he now>?

I honestly think Tim Sheens coaching Wests Tigers in 2015 would be the best thing to happen to the club. If you are honest you would realise that his coaching results last time were much better than those we have had to put up with in 2013 and 2014.

i reckon Sheens would be booed by Tigers supporters at the games , nah he wouldn’t be that silly especially after the whole Court ordeal or whatever happened.

Whose going to be the first winger on the bench? i’ll say Hitchcox

Can’t wait to see Lawrence back at 5/8 .

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Whose going to be the first winger on the bench? i’ll say Hitchcox

Hitchcox pfft

It will Sir Daniel Fitzhenry

He will of been knighted by this stage for his services to Tim Sheens and the Wests Tigers

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