We Will Not Forget

An Open Letter To The Wests Tigers – We Will Not Forget.

Like most long term Wests Tigers supporters the events of the last couple of months have really left me disheartened. I no longer enjoy watching the team play and see no sign of that improving any time soon.

If i knew what to do with that part of me that is forever stamped a Tiger i would have walked away weeks ago. 30 years in the making it’s etched in the fabric of who we are and unfortunately its the only hold the club still has over its intelligent and most passionate supporters. A hold they are using and taking for granted!

Like my fellow supporters we work hard and live a busy and sometimes monotonous life. All we want at the end of the working week is to sit back and enjoy watching our team compete. A team founded on working class principles of rolling up your sleeves and having a go.

The pre season trials left me with optimism and a hope that the tougher and more direct style implemented by new coach Mick Potter would see a change from the frantic and fumbling mess Tim Sheens had left us with. Some exciting recruitment complemented a young roster with plenty of upside.

After a very promising start we were well placed and were mostly viewed in a positive and uplifting way. The events that followed are ones I and many other Wests Tigers supporters will never forget.

It appears more and more likely that Mick Potter will be the one and only casualty of the lowest period in the Wests Tigers 15 years. Without any shred of decency, integrity or self appraisal the key players in the embarrassment of season 2014 will escape any judgement and be back next year.

Once again they club will be expecting our financial and emotional support. It may not be as easily forgotten as they think.

The role Grant Meyer played in this season’s debacle will never be forgotten. The Channel 9 footage capturing his interaction with Potter immediately after another loss and the way he then gestured to Kidwell said more in those few seconds than any of his previous carefully worded media statements. He may go on and do some good things for the club but i for one will never forget his 2014 contribution.

To hear reports of Robbie Farah refusing Meyer’s offer to talk over their differences and the ongoing dispute leaves most fans shocked and very disappointed if true. We have a young impressionable playing group and they deserve better!

For many years Robbie Farah has been the heart and soul of the club but his complete lack of what most reasonable people would call leadership during these tough times will never be forgotten.

The senior playing group and the way they have played in the last six games will never be forgotten. We can see you are dogging it, we can see you do not want to play for the coach, we can see you think you are more important than the jersey. Most importantly we can see just what all those thousands of loyal supporters who turn up week after disappointing week actually mean to you. We will never forget!

The support staff at the club who seem more intent on self promotion and ugly back room agendas will fair no better. They will carry their role in this whole mess and the underhand way in which they gain any promotion with them throughout their career. We will never forget. We may support and praise them, they may be successful but we will never forget.

The recruitment manager while probably not directly involved in any of the recent controversy is also someone we can no longer respect. No long suffering fan thinks he is doing a reasonable job. The results and consistent lack of quality recruitment speaks for itself. We will never respect support staff who aren’t judged by their performance.

Last but not least, the faceless, bumbling and incompetent board. For 15 years this club has struggled to assemble a respected and functioning board. Each and every failure or limitation we have had placed on us can be traced directly back to the board and its lack of stability and direction.

The decision to bring forward the sacking of a coach because they were scared of him finishing the season well was one the whole rugby league community will never forget. In one of the darkest days in the clubs short history, the whole rugby league community said to this board NO! , NO! You are incompetent, out of your depth and not capable of making these sorts of tough decisions. Like the spineless faceless men they are they relented and postponed the decision.

We hope the new board under the NRL proposed structure bring some wise heads, clear and open agendas and some much needed hope.

It may be too late for some, personally im going to have a hard time supporting this club if Potter who has shown a lot of integrity, strength and leadership during this time is singled out. The board, the CEO, the captain, the senior playing group and the support staff have all disgraced themselves to some extent and should also be accountable.

As loyal as we are in support is as stubborn as we are in disapproval.

We will not forget!

As hard as it is we keep supporting the team

Just don’t support the club , they will learn soon enough that they have royally screwed up yet again

@Tiger in the Gong,very well written and agree with everything you said, well done…now ,can you copy about 1000 pages and send it direct to the Board of Directors Wests Tigers…

Tiger in the Gong. your open letter closely follows the story of a 1980 film written by David Williamson called The Club. It follows the fortunes of AFL club Collingwood over the course of a season, and explores the clashes of individuals from within the club. The film was inspired by the backroom dealings and antics of the Collingwood Football Club.

Actors in the film included John Howard, Jack Thompson, Graham Kennedy and Frank Wilson and was described as a “hilarious, sharply observed slice of life” I don’t think that any Wests tigers fans would consider the current goings on at the club as hilarious but the film does show that history repeats itself and that people don’t always learn from history. The film was available on DVD.

How many supporters like TITG did we lose this year?

To the people described in the OP….all they see is a business while the supporters that wear their hearts on their sleeve, like TITG, they have the passion for the club & team in their hearts…
…those described in the OP will never see the love these supporters show, to them its just a business…a business that uses love and passion to make $$$$
This TV product is losing the love that was first generated by tribalism…the tribalism of today only goes as far as the loungeroom door

Well written TITG….

Reminds me of a famous movie line ‘Im as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore’…shout it from the rooftop people…

The fallout from this is going to hit the Wests Tigers in the bottom line…maybe only then they will sit up and take notice…

You know I agree with many of the sentiments, but I will be lining up as keen as ever Round 1 next year. As bad as any year is, you never know what next year entails. Teams have gone from 1st to last or vice versa even in recent years.

I’ve been though Balmain from mid to late 90s, this is NOTHING. Talk about teams competing each week - we get disappointed now because we know the team can do better. I remember running out teams we knew could not do better, as in getting flogged by the Broncos and playing ordinary footy was the best they could do.

So despite all the off-field nonsense I will still watch every game I can with mad passion, for as long as the Tigers or I exist.

I’ll be watching every game and attending my usual 6 or 8 per year…but not as a member

I need to kno my $$$$ won’t be pissed up against the wall again

Congrats, Tiger in the Gong. You nailed it. Maybe a few hundred copies of your post can be handed to officials by members at the “party” before the game on Saturday and at the ground to supporters generally? I’m happy to do my bit of photocopying to help it happen. With you permission TitG, of course.

TITG, well said.
Quote Tiger In The Gong “personally im going to have a hard time supporting this club if Potter who has shown a lot of integrity, strength and leadership during this time is singled out.”
Hear hear! I will simply no longer trust that the faceless power brokers in the club have the best interests of the team and supporters in mind when making decisions. If they can derail any season at any point as happened this year, what’s the point in me investing my time, money and energy into the farce?
I’d like to see your letter sent to Harry Triguboff and other major stakeholders to ensure they understand the perception that we ‘minor stakeholder’ supporters have of depth of the management problems at Wests Tigers. Yes they are business people first and foremost but it must concern them to see the brand Wests Tigers being so badly degraded in fans eyes.
Anyway enough spew from me. Thanks, Tiger In The Gong.


I’ll be watching every game and attending my usual 6 or 8 per year…but not as a member

I need to kno my $$$$ won’t be pissed up against the wall again

Yes, I won’t be renewing either. Will be the first time in seven years.

I’ll still attend games, but not as a member.

@Ink,I wonder what the powers that be at the Wests Tigers will do if a fair percentage of us do the same,I’m going to do the same,I’d rather invest the monies I spend per year on a Junoirs program somewhere. 😃



I’ll be watching every game and attending my usual 6 or 8 per year…but not as a member

I need to kno my $$$$ won’t be pissed up against the wall again

Yes, I won’t be renewing either. Will be the first time in seven years.

I’ll still attend games, but not as a member.

We will be supporting the club next season but not as members ,honestly we have just had a gut full of people that have no intention of seeing any good for the club.This year was the first year in nearly 6 seasons that we became members again after the Sheens craziness and it will be a long time before we will be again ,unfortunately I think next season is going to be a disaster as it looks like the coach has already been appointed as players are being shown the door and if it is from within that makes the whole situation worse ,the wooden spoon beacons next season and that is the first time I have thought that since the clubs inspection.


I’ll be watching every game and attending my usual 6 or 8 per year…but not as a member

I need to kno my $$$$ won’t be pissed up against the wall again

i think the club makes more money from people who go to 3-4 games a season w/o being members than members who go to games.

for e.g. the $50 membership at ANZ would be around $12.50 per game (4 home games only) where individual tickets are sold at $20 to non members. plus you got the cap, keyring etc. which is at least $10 in total.

i dont think not renewing membership is the right way. in saying that, idk what is the right way either.

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