Blake Austin in 2015

Blake is all Tiger. Every game he tries his heart out and shows the Tiger Spirit whether we are winning or losing and never drops his head… I have supported the Tigers all my life and would be very disappointed if we don’t keep him. If the Club is fair dinkum he will be in the Tigers colours again in 2015.

😃 😃 😃 😃

From what I have been reading which goes along with what Austin has said, that he wants to be the 6.

I think it has just come to the point where Austin may not be as prepared as he once was to be shifted around. That and the club ear marking the 6 for Moses, is incompatible.

I wouldn’t want Austin to stay under those circumstances as he deserves a position and it wouldn’t feel right to me to force him to keep getting stuffed around for another season to hold a position for an unknown NRL comp quantity.

So I am happy for the club to let him go.

The clubs best ATM. It would be typical if we let him go.I like the kids attitude above all else he gives it his all which is more than can be said about a lot of other players right now!

Keep Blake……Tiger through and through!!! 😉 😉 😉 😉

He’s the best player we’ve had (as a person)in a long time.

If he gets released, it’ll be a travisty (sp?)
Future captain

Lock him up min 3 year deal , he goes good and will get better

AS much as I don’t like the players dictating the terms or their contracts, he has been a shining light in an otherwise dismal season. He deserves the 6 on this years’ form. Anyone else vying for that position needs to be better than him and deserve it.

I like his versatility and that is why I hope we keep him. At worst he is good to have on the interchange bench, but if he wants a starting spot and someone else offers it to him, who could blame him for wanting to leave ?

Hey Milky ,aren’t you and him good tweeting buddies

Just tweet him and tell him to stay

@happy tiger:

Hey Milky ,aren’t you and him good tweeting buddies

Just tweet him and tell him to stay

I thought Blake Austin’s internet had been disconnected. That’s what he said in a press conference a few weeks ago.

Austin left the Panthers because he couldn’t get a straight answer on his role within the club. He was being shunted between the back row and the halves without being able to focus on either role in training. The Tigers specifically signed Austin as a 5/8th, and he went with what sounded like a consistent offer.

Due to the Tigers injury train wreck in 2014, Blake Austin has played just about every position on the park except prop. Now whilst everyone at the Tigers has to be patient with the mess we’ve had this year, I think if Austin finishes 2015 without a clearly defined role, he will go to a team with a definite vacancy at 6.

Gee I hope we don’t make the mistake of letting Blake Austin go to another club. :righton:

I’m sure he can be utilized somewhere in the back or middle :bash or give him what he wants,
I think Moses could be his backup, and bring him along slowly, instead of chucking him in the deep end, with injury possible as a result :brick:

There’s no reason we would be letting him go, and there’s a decent chance he could be wearing the number 6 come round 1 next season. Moses may be the long term future but cahnces are we’ll still need an experienced half to interchange with Brooks and Moses as injuries/form dictates.

Do you guys really think the team will head into next season with two teenagers as playmakers with no-one else to cover, and no one with any experience?? Not a chance.

We’ll have to wait and see what the new coach wants to do with Austin but he won’t be going anywhere until mid next season at the earliest, you can count on that.

If he has a breakout season at centre, scoring 25 tries and is looking at rep honours i don’t think he’d be too upset at not playing 5/8 somehow. With good coaching he could excel in a number of positions. Running is his best attribute, so let the kid run and leave the other stuff to other guys.

heres the 1st chance for chance for the new broom to show that the club runs the show not players, if Austin wants to demand where he plays then put him in the ron massey cup for the season, and let it be knowing that the coach and the ceo run the club not the players. you play where the club needs u, pure and simple.

Moses is looking good but he has to be patient. He is still eligable for Under 20s ffs.

Austin is coming into his prime and his attitude is EXACTLY what we need. I don’t give a flying f**k about Moses’ hype, or his career with Brooks or what the original plan was, he needs to stay or I will lose my sh*t.

Moses has shown he is capable at 1, 6 or 7. He needs to stay in NSW Cup as a replacement for Teddy, Austin or Brooks. It makes so much sense I don’t see how anyone would think differently.

Moses needs to prove he is better than Austin to lock the spot down. Simple as that.

Austin started behind Anasta this season and then had Mitchell Moses talked up like he’s the next big thing for the #6. After all that he still busts a gut every game for us, plays like he really wants his position and justly is finishing the season where he wants to be.

I’d be fine with him getting a contract extension.

I can’t believe this is even an issue. At the start of the year we were told Moses isn’t ready and will be brought along slowly. Maybe a handful of games but a gently, gently approach. Austin was signed as cover for anasta and brooks. Anasta wasn’t dropped no matter how badly he was playing. On the other hand Austin gave 100% every chance he got and was the only good point in a bad season.
So anasta retires finally and what do we do? Consider letting Austin go. How stupid, so much for easing Moses in, we are going to have 2 teenagers leading us around.
2014 we have 4 halves and now we consider going into 2015 with 2???

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