Forum's: Biggest dissapointment of the year

The Raspberry Tiger Award.

Gotta be Lawrence.

Dishon. mentions: Galloway & Farah

After waiting with anticipation for a signature on a contract. Tedesco out injured.

Lawrence was already a shot duck before the season began. Anyone who was expecting a lot from him was a aiming for a bridge too far.

I’m gonna go left field and say Brooks. I know he was only in his rookie yr, and my expectations weren’t that great, but besides his combination with Tedesco, I don’t think he stood out a whole lot.

Robbie Farah as captain.

Sironen, Tedesco, Anasta, Lawrence (Could be argued that the latter two were over the hill to begin with)

1. Lauren
3. Roberta

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Lawrence exceeded his already lowered expectations in terms of finding a new low - so It’s Lawrence for me as well.

Farah was my biggest disappointment. Post origin it’s almost like he didn’t care. Add to that his handling of the Tallis/Potter saga when the club particularly lacked a leader from the front office, he had the perfect opportunity to put it all out there and quash it but he went into siege mode with the rest of the club and it ruined our season.

We all knew Brooks would be up against this year, he had good games and average games. Before we were injury ravaged and he had a fit set of pigs he looked marvellous and combined well with Tedesco. He’ll have a pivot there next year as well who will actually do something, whether it is Austin or Moses.

The lead up to the Dragons game and the crap fest that followed…

mayer for not stepping and leading the club as a ceo should I think those knocking brooks are being very harsh on the kid remember a half is only good when your forwards are playing well he will be a champ go brooksie

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