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Round 2
Titans 12 VS Wests Tigers 42

Round 3
Wests Tigers 25 VS Rabbitohs 16

Round 5
Wests Tigers 34 VS Manly 18

Round 6
Wests Tigers 16 VS Cowboys 4

Round 7
Eels 18 VS Wests Tigers 21

Round 10
Sharks 20 VS Wests Tigers 22

Round 13
Knights 20 VS Wests Tigers 23

Round 16
Wests Tigers 19 VS Raiders 18

Round 19
Wests Tigers 46 VS Dogs 18

Round 26
Wests Tigers 26 VS Sharks 10

My vote goes to Round 19 VS the dogs.
We looked unreal, attacking all over the place with Moses carving up.

Hon mention goes to the knights game,
It was the only game I got to attend this year.
Was on the edge of my seat the whole team.

Massively hate the knights and beating them was great.
Close, exciting game.

How good was rounds 2-7?

I was tricked into thinking wests were a real team this year. I even got a bit cocky.

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Souths game for sure. We belted their pack into submission, played a controlled, smart game and were as aggressive as I have ever seen us. This should be the blueprint for how we want to play.

Souffs round 2 for me…the whole pack taking it to the Burgi brothers was awesome…closely followed the next week against Manly…anytime we beat them is great

Toss up for me between beating sowfscum and manly, but I went for win over manly. The way the tigers played that day was quite awesome. Really enjoyed the bashing of sowfscum and the burgess Bros though.
If only what could have been, so promising to turn to shite.

I cant separate souffs and sea budgies the boys stood up for one and other and kicked them up the bum . and our wheels fell off I think we played well against the dogs .all we have to do is do it week in week out and stay injury free and we can make the 8 no trouble . next year the young boys will be more mature now all we need is every body pulling in the one direction. board , ceo , training personal , and getting 100% behind the coach no matter who he is , stop knifing one and other in the back like little girls . all for one and one for all .up the west tigers

Parra game, only because i was there. We should have been beaten easily that day, but they hung in there all night, even when Parra took the lead again with 5 mins left. Plus the atmosphere was unreal.

Went with Souths. Being there and experiencing it firsthand was a fantastic experience, when we went into the game as massive underdogs.

Also enjoyed the massive crowd vs the Eels, although we were lucky to get away with the win.

Third place goes to the Broncos game, which we lost. Not a great performance but an exciting game. Also got to go out on the field and wave the flag with my son on his birthday, so always will remember that.

Souffs. We absolutely ambushed them. Was fantastic to watch and gave us a good look at what the squad is capable of when fully fit. Woodsy putting Georgie on his back and Sammy getting the cats arse over it was classic.

Can’t decide between sloths, manly and dogs. We were massive underdogs in all those games but still smashed the crap out of them.

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Undoubtedly Souths game… Wasn’t expecting that and was bloody proud they stood toe-to-toe with a big forward pack!

Round 3 v Souths.

Runners up Rd 5 v Manly at LO and Rd 7 v Eels at Homebush. I agree with tigerbalm I thought we were the real deal after about 8 rounds. I also won a bucket of cash taking Tigers as rank outsiders each week.

i remember being so happy after the souths game. our bashem bench gave the tigers the aggression their pack has rarely seen.

how long ago does it seem now?! 😦

Souths game is my pick. Our forwards absolutely belted Burgess and co all game. Souths didn’t know what hit them.

The other standout game was the Parra game. Absolutely massive crowd, felt like a finals game in terms of atmosphere.

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