NYC Team Announcement: Finals, Wk. 1

Never seen hoeter have a good game at center, he is an out and out winger. With milone and Seve out he’s probably the best we’ve got

Not a fan at all of levido, Moses to 7 next week for mine.

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@king sirro:

Seen Hoeter a number of times and IMO he isn’t better than that. Hope he.proves me wrong

I’m sorry but you’re either lieing about having seen Hoeter a number of times or are a poor judge of talent.
He is very good.

I have only seen him this year and there’s no way u can tell me he’s been good this year. He is coming back from injury so maybe he is better than what I have seen….I certainly hope so.

Te Maire Martin or Cherrington play 20s again next year?

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Te Maire Martin or Cherrington play 20s again next year?

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Martin Yes…Cherrington …No


Hoeter had a bad game. If i was the winger outside him I would be dirty on him. he got him self in bad situations and instead of taking a tackle or making an error himself he passed it to his winger and the winger made the error. However he may of been injured which could be reason for his performance… can anyone remember the last time wt had a decent centre?

When he should have taken the tackle he passed and twice when he should have passed with an overlap he went himself.

A very disappointing performance. They were killing it in the first 25 mins, had 100% possession after 10 mins, 80% after 20 mins and then they just shut up shop completely until about the 65 min mark.

I’ve said it over and over again, this team severely lacks leadership and discipline. Way too many stupid penalties, and when the chips start to stack up against this side there’s no-one who bring to bring the team together and maintain their focus. Everyone just stands around silently and it has killed us time after time this year. And yes i know our 4 first choice captains are injured.

Moses was awful. Never got involved in attack. Maybe touched the ball once ro twice outside of kick returns. Was probably told to leave play making to the halves but that meant he never got involved at all. No point having him there if he doesn’t touch the ball.

That kicking game was probably the worst the tigers have had all season. Not a single good kick all night. No good kicks for touch (did we even find touch once??), and in general the kicks never gave us a chance to score or get a repeat set and gave Souths an easy time to bring the ball out. Souths kicking game was far, far superior to ours and that got them back in the game.

Levido, a nice pass for the 2nd try aside, was woeful once again. His kicks were all way too deep and he generally provided no balance to the team at all. No kicking, passing or running, although his goal kicking was miraculously better this week. Could be dropped next week if we keep Moses in the squad.

It was criminal how little we used Heleta in that match. Our leading try scorer never touched the ball until the 65th minute when he ran from dummy half and ran over 3 defenders to run 40m to score to give us the lead back. Why did we do no moves which tried to get him in space, or try use his skill and strength when close to the line?? Awful, but good on him for getting involved and being the one to give the team a lift when it looked like we’d lose.

The props were great, but the bench seemed to be used very poorly. Graham must have been off for almost the first 30 mins of the 2nd half despite the team being under pressure.

We very easily could have been done to 12 men for the last 30 mins after Cassel’s ridiculous shoulder charge on a kicker. Lucky to stay on, and will be gone for the rest of the finals now, and maybe first few weeks next season.

The pros were Martin and Lodge. Martin is the best playmaker in the u20s and certainly looks like a superstar in the making. His passing game is spectacular, runs well, and if he can improve his kicking game he could even be making his nrl debut towards the end of next season.

Lodge must have played about 70 mins, made 25 hit ups and 30 tackles. Plenty of aggression and skills. great young player.

And yes the game showed that Hoeter is most definitely a winger. His decision making in attack and defence were just way off. Made the wrong decision 90% of the time. He has looked much more comfortable on the wing in the past. Yes everyone has a bad game every so often, but this isn’t the first poor game he’s had at centre. He’s got skills, but wing’s his spot.

I think i saw that the minor premier Knights lost in the semi against the dragons which i think means we play them to qualify for the prelim final. Which will be a huge ask, but thats what you get when you don’t finish in the top 4, which is what happened after the team switched off at the end of the season.

Huge game, and hopefully Webster roaches them in training and they come ready to play the full 80 next week or else it may well be season over…

Heard Webster being interviewed and he gave the impression we could play loser of parra and broncos so not sure if we definitely have the Knights.

Surely there was a bit more good in the game then you are giving credit to, we did win after all. I agree that the balance of this side is not quite right and blame that on injury to the 20’s and first grade.

I get the impression you are not entirely taken with Websters coaching considering every criticism was coach related.

We play the loser of the Bronco’s and Parra and if successful next week play Saints to get into the GF.
Moses was booked in for an Op on his groin this week sometime, I doubt that they would delay it but you never know, hopefully Cherrington will be back next week. There looked to be a couple of injuries out of this game namely Marshall and Hoeter although Hoeter did finish the game.
I reckon we will be playing the Broncs next week and we beat them pretty easily through the season so hoping for a repeat performance.

Yes i just realise its actually the eels/broncos we play next, 16 all at halftime in that one. The draw i saw originally had arrows going everywhere…

Smurf, while yes a number of the issues come down to coaching, a lot of them are also squarely at the feet of the playing group as i said. The execution and discipline just wasn’t there from a number of players.

The biggest issue is there is no leadership on the field. We thought we won the game in the first 15 mins and then clocked off big time, and if not for Heleta taking the ball and getting the job done (the only one to show any leadership) then we would have lost the game. That would be a tragedy considering the talent in this team!!

I know its a very young team, but most nyc teams are young! This team clocks off for long periods on a weekly basis and no-one takes control - either through words or actions. Most young players struggle with consistency, sure, but teams that win comps still have the spirit to be ruthless or to fight back and win when they’re down.

This team, even with our injuries in nyc, can win the comp! That’s a great sign of a quality squad! And for the most part they have played well this year, but we need to rely less on the individual brilliance of Martin and more as a team as a whole. If we had the attitude of the bunnies we could have won by 20-30 points.