Who should the board sack

Once the board have had a chance to examine the troubles at the Tigers….who should be sacked? Who has acted in a treacherous and under mining manner…who definately needs to go.

In that order :slight_smile: 🙏

The lot & start from scratch again .

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Not the ball boy…that kid knows his stuff especially on 40/20…

From my dealings with the staff of the WT’s and their unprofessionalism in a number of matters

Merchandising Calling members liars ain’t real bright any way you look at it
Sprint coaches We actually got SLOWER apart from Tedesco in 2015

Members of the boys club that remain.

The only person accountable to the Board is Mayer…thus they can ONLY sack him…

I really don’t think we are in a position to adequately address this issue as we do not know all the facts.

The Board’s job is to do a thorough investigation. Leave it entirely with them. Better than everybody on this forum complaining about all and sundry. It only makes things worse.

…naah hes OK he gets those gatorades out pretty damn quick

The only thing that worries me is that Marina Go said she and the board will look at recommendations from Mayer regarding the coaching position,I hope they take everything into account as Mayer may have his own agendas.The new board looks absolutely clinical when it comes to business and I would expect them to do what’s best for the Wests Tigers,not for Mayer. 😐 :sign:

What about an option with ‘No one’

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