Time for Channel 9 to replace Rabs with Warren Smith

I know they won’t, but bloody hell they should. Just watching the replay, and Wazza as a play by play guy is sharp as a razor. Poor old Rabs takes 5 mins to take notice of a call thats made. For example, sometimes when the video ref is making a decision, you can hear the ref before the decision is made talking to the players, telling them whats about to happen, and Rabs never picks up on it. I acknowledge Rabs is the greatest of all time, but Warren Smith is the best in 2014. Heads and shoulders above where Rabs is.

Yes, the time has come. There is starting to be a few little murmurings here and there so maybe it will start gathering momentum. Would like to see Voss back calling more than just the Warriors too

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Warren Smith is ok but gees the talent is thin in the calling ranks

Andy Raymond And David Tapp make me mute the TV

Andy Raymond is an absolute pain to listen to, but even I’d take him over the entire channel 9 team.
Vossy is annoying and Braybrook is a complete cynic, even Caine is okay as a straight caller.

I’d like to see the NRL take control of their product, ditch the delayed broadcast and the “comedic” slant on their commentators and just go back to basics.

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Someone needs to tell rabs he’s embarrasing himself.

Same thing happened to Rox Messup at the end.

Get stepho and the other guy from English super league to immigrate. Heard these guys a few times and they are pretty good. Way better than, except for imo smith and morrow, anyone else calling the game here are cringingly woeful.

Was thinking that with the grub tallis on nine how long before his dropkick sidekick m Johns joins him on nines commentary team.

Can’t stand any of them .they talk like people are watching the game for the first time .its little wonder tv viewers are down as are the people walking through the turnstiles .the game has changed so much for the worse .mark gasnier is probably one of the only guys I like to listen to .i think he is a pretty good judge and pretty astute with his predictions

He should been replaced a few years ago. Been missing things, calling wrong player names for a long time.

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Yep Ray Warren is terrible. Has no idea what is going on half the time and mispronounces names continuously especially anyone who doesn’t have an Anglo Saxon background. Then jokes about why people don’t have names like smith. He’s a dinosaur that should have been put away at least 15 years ago.

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Smith is the best cause he goes for WESTS…

If theres one good thing i’ve noticed with Rabs lately, its that he’s stopped the grumpy old man routine with Gus. God, thats some unbearable rubbish when they start with that.

And they wonder why the television audience is down. Really.

I’ll second that. Woeful

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Haven’t you heard ,they are

New blokes name is Marcel Marceau

Hear he is very descriptive , struggles with pronunciations though

Warren Smith has been the best league commentator for years. The FOX commentary team is far better then channel 9.

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