Mick Vows to be back..


Sacked Wests Tigers coach Mick Potter declares his intention to return to the NRL’s coaching ranks

MICK Potter drove into the car park at Concord Oval just before 9am on Wednesday morning.

There to meet him was Wests Tigers chief executive Grant Mayer.

Potter has been involved in rugby league long enough to know what was coming. After 22 tumultuous months, his position as head coach was over.

“Within the space of a couple of sentences I knew that my role at the Tigers was finished,’’ Potter told The Daily Telegraph on Friday.

“He (Mayer) didn’t mince his words.

“I went into the office and cleaned my desk out and then met a mate for a coffee.’’

In his first interview since his sacking from the dysfunctional Tigers, Potter has stuck true to his character and integrity, refusing to fire bullets at his former club despite a well-publicised white-ant job from within certain corridors of Concord which led to his departure.

While Potter admits he would dearly love to have received the autonomy that the soon-to-be appointed Tigers coach will be afforded, he felt comfortable that he was given a fair hearing in front of the new board to stake his claim.

Potter, 50, added that he has no plans to stop coaching while also anointing former St George-Illawarra hooker and current St Helens coach Nathan Brown as his possible successor.


Potter spoke with both the now defunct and the newly-appointed board of the Wests Tigers on three separate occasions over the past three months.

On each meeting he discussed a range of issues which were ultimately driven by the need for change and to take the club forward. Everything from the day-to-day running of the club, the need to update training facilities at Concord, what was required to steam line the club’s crippling salary cap and the urgent need to make a decision on who they wanted as head coach in 2015, were discussed.

His final appearance in front of the new board was last Monday.

“They were good. I don’t know if my cards were marked from the beginning, but they heard everything I had to say and I felt like I made a really good case for change,’’ Potter said.

“It looks like the next bloke, given their (media) statement is going to have what you need to have as a head coach, when it comes to coaching staff and running of the football team.

“They’ve decided to go in a new direction, but that’s what I would’ve liked.’’

Unlike many angry fans of the merged club, Potter refused to point fingers at Mayer as the reason for his dismissal, claiming the pair shared a ‘good working relationship’.

Still, Potter made it clear at Concord on Wednesday he was far from pleased with his sacking.

“I just questioned him (Mayer) on the reasoning,’’ Potter said.

“I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“However I was really happy to take the job on to be the coach of the Wests Tiger for those couple of years.

“The response from the players has been excellent, the support of the fans has been amazing given the circumstances that we went through.

“Everyone can hold their head up and say we’ve made some small steps forward.’’

Potter has coached all over the world while as a player, he was a two-time Dally M winner. Rugby league runs through his veins.

“But whether a head coaching opportunity comes up is another thing,’’ Potter said.

“I’d love to have a crack at that again, but I’d also be happy to stand in behind someone (as an assistant).

“People know that I’m trustworthy and loyal and would want to help the organisation and my priority has always been that the team comes first and that won’t deviate.’’

Of the many candidates being bandied to replace him in 2015 at the Tigers, Potter knows his old mate from St George-Illawarra, Nathan Brown best.

“It’s going to be really exciting for the next head coach,’’ Potter said.

“Sure, it’s tough being an NRL coach and this one will have its challenges, but there’s a group of young men there that have a lot of upside.

“I think all the names that have been tossed up would be good for the organisation, but I know Nathan pretty well and I think his experience now that he’s been at Saints, Huddersfield and St Helens with that time he’s had to develop as a coach, he would do a great job.’

Classy to the End…Bravo Mick best of luck in the future…

Interesting that he has backed Brown to succeed him…

I still think he deserved another year on his terms - his team etc.

The more I think about it the more I feel someone has been lined up to take the job for a number of months. Who? I don’t know - that’s just my gut feeling.

He speaks so well. Shame to see him go.

Still not convinced that he is a good coach - maybe just not the right coach for this club at the moment. Happy to be proved wrong, and hope he gets another opportunity to do that.

Can we have a Potter free zone. Please.

Geez I thought this thread was about him coming back to the tigers in the future. I knew the guy wasn’t that stupid. Who the hell would want to come to train with this club, unless you are already lined up :brick:

Magpiecol you obviously have a dislike for Potter,however some of us wish him all the best in the future,a true gentleman with integrity and dignity second to none.I also would have liked to see him here in 2015 to finish off the good work he did with the younger players,once again all the best Mick 😃 😃 😃 😃


Can we have a Potter free zone. Please.

I have a solution for you. Don’t read the threads then… simple.


Can we have a Potter free zone. Please.

Step 1: Don’t read threads where Potter is clearly the topic of conversation.

Wouldn’t it be piss funny if Brown gets the role and is told he can pick his own assistants and then hires Potter as an assistant coach

Poor Mick doesn’t have the personality to be a head coach i don’t think. He has too much Richie Cunningham in him, He needs to learn how to play politics. Its how Sheens survived cos he was the master.


He speaks so well. Shame to see him go.

I like the guy, but is the way he speaks enough reason to keep him? I’d rather a Bennett, Toovey or even Stuart approach if we get the wins on the board.

What would be funny is mick potter becoming CEO or gm of football. He has the demeanour and more importantly knows the game and what the new coach requires.


What would be funny is mick potter becoming CEO or gm of football. He has the demeanour and more importantly knows the game and what the new coach requires.

He has the talent for the role. I hope he applies for the position and I am sure most Wests Tigers would be hoping he is successful.

Good man,yes Good coach??. We can’t afford any ??, Good luck Mick

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