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It was interesting to see the crowd figures for the finals games,about 15,000 at Cows v Rorters,and about 26,000 at Manly v Dogs.My main question to all my fellow forumers is,do we stick to suburban grounds or go the big stadiums because of the good money.If the 2 figures were at suburban grounds then they are great figures,however at ANZ stadium it would be 1/4 full and the atmosphere wouldn’t be that great.Another interesting figure quoted was next weeks game re,Rorters vSouths tipping to get 50,000,I hope so as it would be great for rugby league.Is rugby league on the outer and Afl and Soccer are taking over as preferd sports in NSW or is poor marketing by the NRL the blame for smaller crowds.I understand we can’t take finals to suburban grounds but even regular games during the season are drawing poor crowds… 😮

I think too much importance is payed to the ground and not the teams playing.

Most people would agree that the most ‘popular’ Grand Final in recent times was WT V Cowboys in 2005. Reason is because there were two different teams in the Final and it was enjoyable.

People are mostly sick of watching Roosters, Manly, Storm, Brisbane in these finals and just want someone different. Would you like a Manly V Roosters final or a Cowboys V Newcastle? Would you rather Storm V Broncos or Sharks V Parramatta?

I know the best teams wins etc etc etc, but the fact is that I think people are sick to death of the same teams. I’m hoping for a Souths V Penrith Grand Final for no other reason that I dont care who wins, it will juts be something different!

Marketing, Prices and food quality etc are all part of it, but I think the stale nature of some teams also contributes.

I would rather see a Wests Tigers V any other team grand final.

@Eye of Da Tiger,stick with us,Wests Tigers v any other team coming up in 2015 or 2016 GF… :sign: :sign: 😃

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