Golden point ?

  • Hey guys first time posting a subject, I’m only 19 so Iv only really been able to understand the game completely for a few years, Iv always hated golden point but I just thought that’s how it is. However I was watching an old semi final I think it was parra vs dogs on fox and they had two 10 min halves ? I never knew that ever happened.

    I understand that could be a little long but in my opinion it was a lot better than field goals so I was thinking what would be a better option to do if a game is drawn?? because I think after a thriller of a game players kicking field goals just let’s the whole game down


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  • two ten minute halves is what is supposed to happen in finals games. Reffs don’t know the rules tho…

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    Normal rounds games should be played for 3 points a win like soccer.

    If you win in the 80 minutes you get the 3 points. If u win in extra time u get 2 points and lower gets 1 point. Why should a team that isn’t beaten after 80 minutes get nothing? And why should a team that can’t win I now minutes get maximum points? The system isn’t fair

  • I agree with all of you, I have never liked golden point. It just produces rubbish ‘football’ until someone flukes a field goal and collects all the competition points. It is completely unfair to the team that loses. I have no objection to the idea of 3 points for a match, divided 2/1 in the case of a win in extra time.

    In fact, I’m so old fashioned that I don’t see anything wrong with a draw being a draw, it’s fair, except in finals matches where there needs to be a winner.

    Milky, are you sure you are right that finals should go 100 minutes in the case of a draw after 80?

  • Golden point in finals is fine.its better than socccers alternative of a penalty shoot out. If it’s a draw in the regular season each team deserves a point!!!

  • Stuff it , lets go back to the old times when you played a mid week game at the end of 80 minutes when a draw occurred

    Give these young fellas something to really whinge about

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