Penrith vs Newcastle -NSW Cup GF

The NSW Cup GF is just about to start on Foxtel Sports 1 for a chance to play the winner of the Qld Cup as the opener the Grand Final day next week.
Can Penrith do it back to back ?
They have been the most consistent side al, year & I think they should get up by 6.

Penrith have had one of the most dominant seasons of any team I’ve seen in rugby league, they’ll be deserving winners.

Bit of an insult for these players having their big dance in front of four blokes and a dog

I don’t mind the idea of having it with the other finals and making a day of it.
But have it at a suburban venue where the crowd figure doesn’t look embarrassing. Leichhardt hosted the other finals and could have easily been the venue for todays games.
Make the big fuss of it with entertainment and things on, 3 grades, cheap admission, all members of any NRL club gets in free, suburban venue, promote it a bit more and you could have a great day on the seasons calendar.

I don’t understand why they didn’t have the game at Newy or Penny.

Sure, it slightly favours one of the two teams but wow….
Poor turnout.

Flip a coin, winner gets home ground.
Would had a few more heads turn up.

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