What would people here be prepared to pay for a GF ticket

  • I was on Ebay and checking out Grand Final Tickets and what they were going for ?
    Far out people know how to make money on these things just by reselling them .
    I went to the 2005 Grand Final and paid $65.00 for my ticket and was seated in Aisle 115 , basically i was situated underneath the big Screen near the Cowboys supporters .
    I must admit i spent 80 % of the game watching it on the big screen opposite me .
    After that i have always said it that if we ever make it again i would pay top dollar to sit in Premium seats ? i mean realistically how often do you get to see your side in a Grand Final ? look at Souths 43 years.
    There is currently 2 Diamond seats selling at the moment on Aisle 107 which is on the halfway line 10 rows back for $1875.00 to buy it , no Auction on it , if Tigers were there i would of paid for it , you need to be in really good seats , iv’e learn’t from 2005. I would pay up to $1000.00 for a ticket

    What would people be prepared to pay and what did they pay in 2005 ?

  • For this yrs gf? Probably the offer John Candy makes in this clip.

  • Priceless for a Tigers GF

  • ForumSupporter

    20c for this one and I’d want 15c change…

    Wests Tigers…$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ whatever it took

  • Banned

    For a WT grand final up to $1k per ticket.

    I was so fortunate to attend the 2005 GF with my 2 sons…memories of that day will last forever

    For whatever reason whenever the WT make the SEMI’s or a GF it seems so special the whole RL community really embrace the Tigers!..

  • @GNR4LIFE:

    For this yrs gf? Probably the offer John Candy makes in this clip.

    😆 I forgot how funny he was.

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