With the appointment of Jason Taylor and Phil Moss,I feel the atmosphere and attitude of the Wests Tigers club as a whole is absolutely positive.Stability has now come in the form of a more professional board and management.The team will definitely realise as time goes by that they are there to play football and not politics.With still some announcements to come regarding S&C,and assistants,I can recall the Roosters v Souths game last week being an absolutely brutal game,one that you would expect of a semi final.The team will definitely have to step up to that level of football as it is a week to week competition and I dare say Taylor knows what he has to work with and what to expect from the playing group.Time will tell if Taylor is getting the right sort of attitude and it won’t take him long to sort the men from the boys so to speak.Im really excited about 2015 and fully support the appointment of Jason and Phil and wish them all the best in their positions for 2015 and well beyond… 😃 :sign: :sign: